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Feast of St. Anthony of Padua: Day 6

Hola! Lynn here which is why it’s late, but the internet has been down so it’s not totally my fault! 😉

The morning began with the roosters and firecrackers…it’s the Feast of San Antonio!!
After a breakfast with the Sors at Hogar de Ancianos we had another opportunity to spend time with the elderly. It’s so great to see the pure joy on their faces when you spend time with them, playing, singing or just letting them talk. These would be forgotten people if not for the Sors who show them so much love and care.
Again I’m reminded that when we’re children we play, laugh, trust and find little pleasures everywhere. When we become old we revert to those child-like ways, it’s those years in between we sometimes forget to find pleasure in the little things.
Reason #892 why I love coming to Honduras!! I believe this is part of what God meant when He said in Matthew chapter 18, unless we become like children we will not enter the kingdom of God.
Before we went to the orphanage for the day we went to our “Gift Room” to re-organize. We had an entire room filled with donations and gifts from St. Michael’s and it is wonderful to see it slowly empty with all the donations going to those truly in need.
Off to the orphanage we go! We’re reminded as we enter how much of a family they all are. Preparations are being made for the big fiesta! Everyone is working together to finish the decorations and when their tasks are complete they head to their rooms to get ready. I climbed the stairs to see their progress and just stood in the doorway for a quiet moment taking in the view and embracing the beauty of it. Some girls were doing the other’s hair, they were helping each other pick out outfits, trying on shoes and other perfectly “normal” girl things. The huge difference here is that everything they have is shared, and yet there is nothing but excitement and happiness.

The older girls share 2 different bedrooms with 12-14 twin beds in each room. They each have a small locker next to their bed which contains all their clothes, school uniforms and earthly possessions. I asked to see inside a couple of them and although I wasn’t surprised to see pictures of “guapo” famous Honduran singers or soccer players I was a bit surprised to see pictures of St. Michael’s church and our St. Michael statue. This reminds me that these girls truly remember us and pray for us. They don’t forget St. Michael’s generosity and are very appreciative. But back to the fiesta…the girls preformed for the crowd gathered in the courtyard, some sang and some danced, they even did a traditional dance dressed in traditional dresses, such talent!
Mass was held for the feast in the chapel within the orphanage and it was packed! We estimated about 400 were there, people from town, friends and teachers from school, some elderly, etc. the girls had baked bread which is a traditional gift to be given to all who attend. They put the bread in bags they decorated and the Bishop blessed them before they were given out. They had made 330 bags of bread!! I really enjoy Mass in Spanish because I barely speak the language but can pick out certain words and can focus solely on them, like Jesus is my brother, being a servant, showing kindness …just contemplating those words is impactful to me when I don’t have a lot of other words to focus on.
After Mass all were invited to the fiesta and were served dinner and cake. There was more music and dancing, it was exhausting and beautiful! At the end of the night everyone worked together to clean up. Again I was impressed with the fact that EVERYONE helped, from 4 year olds on and they did their work joyfully and without complaint.
When our travel team finally walked back to the Hogar for the night for prayer and reflection we sat for some time in silence reflecting on what we witnessed.
It was very appropriate that our reflection was “Sometimes I lead you up a high mountain with only My hand to support you. The higher you climb, the more spectacular the view becomes; also, the more keenly you sense your separation from the world with all its problems. This frees you to experience exuberantly the joyous reality of My presence. Give yourself fully to these Glory-moments”.
Wishing you many Glory-moments!

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