Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 14, 2017

Day 4 – The repetition effect…

The re-enforcement of a message, underlining the idea being repeated.

I hate for my 4th blog to be repetitive, but it’s impossible not to when you are surrounded by unbelievably beautiful people.

Jesus reminds us that our lives and actions are meant to direct people’s gaze to God and not towards ourselves. “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” Our Fab Five team is here to do just this, but these wonderful people make it so easy. This place exudes love, joy, kindness, and humility. Once again, 9pm rolled around and none of us wanted to leave. The thought of leaving these people on Saturday is already becoming unbearable to think about.

Highlights from today:

We prayed the Rosary with the elderly but had no scheduled visit with them today. On Sunday, it was the belief of a couple of us (ok, mostly me and maybe Joe) that our visits with the elderly would be somewhat of a daunting task. It’s been anything but this. While they don’t typically speak much, their smiles tell a thousand words and their eyes light up when you enter the room. I actually snuck in a few impromptu visits with Alejandro and Benjamin (my two eldest sons namesakes) to get my fix today.


Next, we ate lunch with all 8 nuns at the orphanage. Our conversations with them each day are truly a bit whimsical. Who would have thought?! The Fab Five is secretly conducting a “Chopped” judging contest of our meals prepared by the two nun teams (4 on each team). As of now, the Orphanage nuns have the upper hand on the elderly nuns, IMO.

St Anthony’s Feast Day – Mass and Festival Celebration. I have been to several Latin American Masses over the past few years and this one was unquestionably my favorite. Seeing the girls all dressed up and participating in the Mass was special to see. Additionally, the Archbishop presided over the Mass. For us non-Spanish speaking teammates, we could follow the entire Mass and homily easily today. After the Mass, we were invited to eat dinner and converse with the Archbishop. He was fantastic to listen to about what is going on in his diocese.

honduras mission day 4.png

We closed out the evening by spending some time with girls at the festival. Having left my phone charging with a few of the girls while we met with Archbishop, I was fortunate to retrieve it easily…only to find 128 funny, cute pictures of girls having enjoyed taking selfies. I loved everyone of them. It’s difficult to leave them without having your ribs bruised from all of the hugs. I loved everyone of them. (See title of blog for reinforcement)

That’s a wrap on Day 4. Tomorrow we meet with our Unbound sponsored kids before heading back to the orphanage for dinner with the girls.

Dios te bendiga and gracias por tus oraciones!

Todd “Tito” Koca and the SMA Fab Five

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