Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 13, 2017

Day 3 – Monday

Today’s Gospel points to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus gave us the roadmap to true happiness and blessedness.

In a world full of indifference to Christ’s words and works, it is so easy to seek worldy treasures for happiness; but living out the Beatitudes is the way to arriving at true love, joy and peace.

Thanks be to God and the gift of His Holy Spirit that we lived a day which can personified as love and joy.  It started with the elderly, a morning full of many laughs and witnessing smiles like no other.  From Crescencio to Manuel; from Alejandro to Benjamin; from Graciela to Herminia; from Salestina to Tomasa, our hearts melted at the happiness they exhibited throughout the morning. The gift of relationship reciprocity!…we still haven’t determined who had more fun.

At lunch, the nuns (in particular Sister Catalina) took delight in teaching us more spanish. One can only imagine the number of laughs had at the expense of Jose (Joe), Leen (Lynn) and Tito (Todd).

After lunch, we began an 8 hour set of experiences with the girls at the orphanage. The 8 hours felt like two, as a blast was had by all. Games, scrapbooking, tamale-making (Lynn) and just plain old-fashion conversations with the girls ended too soon. The five of us can’t get enough time with these girls. They are full of so much energy, humor, laughter, and love. The best way to describe their bond is they are like a sorority.  They exhibit respect and care for each other…they are familia.

And regarding the St. Michael Fab Five, we too are becoming familia.  While we all knew of each other, we are now truly beginning to know each other and look forward to the next four days, including tomorrow’s Feast of Saint Anthony.

God bless,
The St Michael Fab Five

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