Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 12, 2017

Day 2- Sunday: Love knows no language barrier

20170611_140312.jpgOur ultimate role models, the Father and Son, expressed such a beautiful, loving reciprocal relationship united by the Holy Spirit.

Today, the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit united us to our Honduras familigia. The “family” aspect of God is the model for the unity of all Christians, all Christian families, and even society as a whole. And we certainly experienced this today.

After celebrating Mass at the Santa Rosa Cathedral with the girls, we headed to our visit with the elderly, where we chatted with many men and women, including Nicolasa Hernandez, a 104 year old woman and Fernando Miranda, the 80-something year old man who always seems to be by your side even when you least expect him. When we asked Fernando if he was staying busy today he said, matter of factly, “No, it’s Sunday!” Oh, how these people have life in order.

Day 2 Honduras June 2017.png

We then headed across the street to have lunch with the nuns at the orphanage. So much for wanting to lose a few pounds on this trip. The nuns are so inspirational with the level of service to the girls and we, their guests. After lunch, we played baseball with the girls. While the competition was good, the laughter, smiles, hugs and google translation conversations were far better and enjoyed by all. It’s truly amazing how so little understanding of each other’s languages has no negative impact on time together. In fact, it probably only enhances it.

As we reflected as a team after wrapping up our day with an orphanage alumni pizza night at the convent, we were moved by the rapidly growing gift of relationships we have gained in just 1 1/2 days. We can’t wait for more fun tomorrow.

God bless,
The St. Michael Fab Five



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