Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 11, 2017

Day 1- Saturday: Inspired by the Inspirational

After a long day of travel from Kansas City to San Pedro, Honduras and ultimately to Santa Rosa where we arrived at the orphanage to meet the nuns and older children, the five of us spent some quality time reflecting on the day and what’s in store for us this week.

As Catholics, we fully understand the commitment, beauty and grace of serving others through our time, talent and treasure. And so often times, it is the latter that we focus on and then check the box off as doing a good deed…and certainly it is. But the true joy and beauty of serving others, as Jesus Christ came to do and has called us to do, is to focus on others with our time. The true Christian application of charity, truly loving our neighbor as Christ calls us to do, is through our commitment of time. It’s been said that charitable love is best served by caring for the poor, widows and orphans.

We saw first hand from the nuns how this is best exemplified. And we, too, got a taste of it when we met with the older school children.  Just the 30 minutes we had to spend with the girls, it was clear that the Holy Spirit was not only working through us, but was responsible for the connection.

Photo Jun 11, 7 38 10 AM.jpg

Throughout this week we will have many opportunities to spend with the poor, marginalized, widows and orphans. We look forward to bringing more insights throughout the week and ask for your continued prayers.
Photo Jun 11, 7 39 45 AM.jpg


  1. Misss you all!

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