Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 15, 2017

Day 7 – Friday


Today, as we woke up to the usual sounds of traffic, dogs barking and the roster crowing, we were both sad and excited. We are sad that this our last full day but excited to have the carnival with everyone from both the home for the girls as well as everyone from the elderly home.

After a 7 a.m. breakfast of eggs, beans and tortillas, we had our morning reflection. Afterwards we decorated and set up games for our carnival. I wish you could have seen the happiness on the faces of the elderly as Mike and Chris entered the courtyard dressed up as clowns. It was so much fun hearing the laughter as everyone played carnival games like ring toss, fishing and cake walk. It was great seeing the care between the girls, elderly and sisters as they played games and ate pizza. I don’t think anyone wanted the morning to end.

After lunch, most of us visited the Hogar de Nino’s run by the Missionaries of Charity and played with the little ones. This is a home for malnourished children. There are 31 children under the age is eight of which 16 are under the age of one. We learned that the children are usually reunited with their families eventually but some girls will be placed at the girl’s home.

Then we accompanied the five girls taking English classes to their school in town. We practiced English with the girls on the 15 minute walk both ways. The school has given the five girls a scholarship to take these classes and it is amazing to hear how much English they have learned in the last year. We were introduced to all the staff and the owner treated us to cake to help celebrate our relationship.

After our final mass at the chapel at the girl’s home, we had dinner with the Sisters. Then we were treated to an evening of dance, songs and gifts from the girls. They beautifully expressed their love for us and have us a small gift. We each got a chance to stand up and express how much we love them. There were many tears and strong emotions as we said good-bye. We are comforted by the fact that St. Michael’s will return in June and we will continue our relationship with the elderly, girls and Sors.

Finally we walked to the Catholic University of Santa Rosa de Copan to see the weeping statue of Mary and do our evening reflection. Unfortunately the gates were locked but we could see the statue in the distance. It is comforting to know that our mother Mary is watching over all of us. Tomorrow, we will start our journey home.




  1. Thank you for all you did during your week in Honduras. I love these pictures and how much you captured. Every picture tells a beautiful story. Thank you for bringing joy to the elderly and girls!

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