Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 13, 2017

Day 6 – Thursday


The St. Michael travel team met at 5:45am on Thursday morning. Our first task of the day was to help serve at the Good Samaritan and St. Vincent de Paul centers. The project helps feed the bodies and souls of people who have brought family members to the hospital from surrounding villages. Some people travel for hours to get to the hospital.

Before helping serve breakfast, Father Nathan presided over a morning mass. The chapel was filling up quickly, so our team members gave up their seats to those in need. Donations of blankets (made by the parish school children) were handed out by our team members. We wished we had enough for everyone but know that it is never possible to reach everyone.

At mass, we were joined by pregnant women who have come into town from small villages to stay at the center before giving birth. These women stay here for days or weeks while waiting for their babies to be delivered. So, we were also able to take breakfast to them. While there, we had the pleasure of talking about our families and hearing stories about theirs…if they are having a boy or a girl, how many other children they have, etc.

Our main event of the day was taking most of the girls from the orphanage to a pool area. The pools aren’t like anything at home. There is a series of 4 pools that are fed by hot springs. Each one is a different temperature. The girls LOVE to swim and play in the water! We brought floatation devices and taught the girls games like Marco Polo. On a positive note, only 3 girls got sick on the 45 minute drives there and back.

The weather was beautiful, which was a welcome change from the cold and rain from the first few days. Seeing the pure joy in the girls faces as they splashed, jumped, and just generally enjoyed the day was my highlight.

Jill Andersen




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