Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 11, 2017

Day 4- Tuesday

Today our team started the day with a beautiful mass celebrated by Father Nathan at the elderly home. We were joined by the sisters, the elderly and the young girls who are discerning the religious community. We were reminded in the homily about the importance of loving service done in the name of Our Lord, a message we would carry with us as we embarked on our Unbound adventure.

We were blessed to meet the sponsored children of Jill Anderson, Chris, Mike and Ann. It was such a joy to see the kids faces light up when they interacted with the members of our team who had been writing letters and praying for them for years. It is truly an example of Divine providence to see how Our Lord formed beautiful relationships no matter the distance or language barrier. We all enjoyed a water park, kicked around a soccer ball, and got to see a “zoo” featuring 2 monkey, squirrels and a raccoon. We also got to experience an earthquake simulator on the property that is used to teach local kids disaster training, even though it felt more like a roller coaster.

After saying some goodbyes and stopping by the Santa Rosa Unbound office, 15 people squished into one pickup truck and headed into the aldeas to visit the house of Ann’s sponsor child, Yuri Anabelle. Yuri Anabelle lives with her mother and siblings but their home is located right next to 2 other houses of family members. We were generously treated to cake and coffee while getting to learn about Yani’s day-to-day life and especially the importance of family. We were even treated to Yani’s sister and friend playing piano and singing.

The afternoon was a wonderful gift. We left the aldeas with a deeper understanding of the situation in Honduras and the beauty of simplicity. After dinner with the Sisters at the orphanage, we had the opportunity to show our gratitude for the young women working at the elderly home with a cake and fiesta!

The day was filled with many blessings and gratitude. We ask for your continued prayers and will be praying for all those back home.  Mary Fain


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