Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 10, 2017

Day 3 – Monday


We started off today bright and early with breakfast at the elderly home. After everyone got enough coffee in their system, we headed to our morning reflection. The main subject/question of our reflection was how we can keep the peace of Jesus in our hearts and how we can display that throughout the day. Thinking about and discussing this as a group helped motivate everyone to be present in the coming moments throughout the day and display Christ’s love to everyone we encounter.

After our reflection, we were off to spend some time with the elderly. We have figured out that our group is really great at dividing and conquering and that is just what we did. We were giving hand massages with lotion, blowing up balloons, painting, and even dancing. It was so nice to be able to spend time with the elderly and be present with them. We have all learned that despite the language barrier, holding their hands and listening to them is what they need the most.

Later in the morning, Mary, Dani, and I were able to take a few of the girls who’s quinceañera’s are this week out in the town to shop. They each had an allowance and were able to pick out anything they wanted to buy. It was very eye-opening for Mary and I to watch the difference in how girls so close to our age shop in this culture. We had fun helping them find new clothes and shoes to wear!

We had a great lunch at the orphanage and spent the afternoon playing with the girls around there. It has been so special for me to connect with different girls and hear their stories and watch the rest of the team do the same. We were able to hand out all of the donations from St. Michael’s and see the smiles spread across the girls faces when they were about to pick out a new sweatshirt (it has been cold here!). Later, had the battle of the books. They girls were split into teams and had to quickly recall information from the books that they had read in the past months. It was a lot of fun and great to form another connection with some of the girls over the love for a certain novel.

The team took a quick break and we headed back to the orphanage for a beautiful mass. Father Nathan did an awesome job of saying the mass and Spanish and the girls all seemed to really enjoy his homily. After mass one of the Sors lead us in a Novena and adoration. It was very beautiful to share this with the girls and pray together with them.

After dinner we turned in for an early(ish) night. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow, visiting the sponsored kids with Unbound, so we need all the rest we can get!

Buenas Noches! Malory



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