Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 26, 2016

Coming Home!!


Our project is never finished…we say our goodbyes and shed a few tears as we say “adios” to our friends in Honduras but we also are refreshed in our resolve to continue the work our parish committed to 11 years ago.   Our parish is truly changing the way of life for those we serve in Honduras.  

  • The girls in the orphanage are receiving a better education than they were 11 years ago, we are now beginning to see the fruits of this education as they graduate and go into the world and have more opportunities.
  • Daily nutrition and health has been effected in each home as access to overall medical/dental care has improved as well as daily diet.
  • Quality of life for the elderly has improved with additional resources dedicated to their care as well as dignity at the end of life with the addition of the mausoleum.
  • Both facilities have improved dramatically over the last 11 years as we have provided support to:
    • repair the roofs over most of each of the houses,
    • made bathrooms handicap accessible in the elderly home
    • renovate one area of the orphanage that now houses recreational area for study and music as well as additional living space
    • renovate the library, office, nuns dining/kitchen spaces and most recently the office used for psychology
    • update flooring (tile) where floors were crumbling
    • purchase appliances for the elderly kitchen
    • renovate the elderly home chapel
    • update bedrooms in the elderly home

These are just a few of the ways our parish has provided support.  We continue to look for ways we can assist to improve the quality of life for the residents of each home and in the community and we rely on the support of all our parishioners to make our project successful – so please remember our parish mission project in September for our annual 2nd collection.  We rely SOLELY on this 2nd collection to support our project!! Thank you for sharing in our journey this week!! One of the last readings for our week was from Matthew 26: 35-40. It inspires us to continue to answer Christ’s call to provide hope and solace to those we seek to serve in Honduras…

Paz y bien – Juanita (Jane)



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