Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 24, 2016

Day 6 – Thursday

Laughter…that was the challenge for our team from our morning meditation. Little did we know that it was a common thread throughout our day.  Each morning and evening, our team has gathered for prayer, daily readings, and reflection.  Today, we were to look for laughter. At breakfast, Sor Rosario shared a story about helping one of the elderly clean near his bed. He had collected many objects and some were in great disrepair, Sor disposed of much of it and  he kept asking where his things were, he told the head sister that the “fat” one took them.

After lunch, we treated the elderly to some ice cream, some of the team sampled some too!!

We began the afternoon painting picture frames with the girls. Our schedule had to be changed as we were fully immersed in “Honduras” time so we shifted our plan from doing a career fair to hosting a surprise baby shower for Rosemary, the administrative assistant for the Hogar de Ninas.  Rosemary provides us with so much help with our project, both while we are in Honduras as well as when we are back home. She was completely surprised and it was the first baby shower any of the girls had ever experienced. One of the girls tutors, Patty, had organized many games and of course the party would not have been complete without a cake!! More laughter could be heard as all enjoyed being a part of the excitement!!

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We completed our devotion to Mary in the chapel with all of the girls. Each girl received a medal blessed by Fr. Brian when they entered the chapel. Following the opening prayer, each girl was asked to write an intention and then processed to the altar to place the intention at the feet of  the Blessed Mother. Candles were lit and the girls prayed the rosary and sang songs between each decade. Their voices resonated richly and almost all of the team felt this was truly one  the “God moments” for the day.

We took the nuns from each house out for dinner as a way to both encourage them in their ministry and to thank for their gracious hospitality throughout this week.  Each shared their country of origin, how long they had served in each home and how long they had been in the order. Again, laughter rang out as stories were shared –  in spite of the language barrier, laughter and joy knows no boundaries!!


Mallory, Barb, Magda, Jason and Jane


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