Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 22, 2016

Day 4 – Tuesday

As I was praying the rosary this morning, one of the elderly passed along the upper part of the courtyard singing “Ave Maria” – it was a fitting start to many “God moments” for this day. UNBOUND staff arrived shortly after breakfast and we set off by truck to head into the aldeas (villages) – 3 in the back, 4 in the front.

Our first stop was to pick up one of the sponsored children, Fany. Her family lives in a small village in the mountains, which does not have a high school so she attends a school that includes boarding. Our family has sponsored Fany for the past 8 years and I have visited her in Honduras at least 4 times. She has grown from a shy, slightly withdrawn young lady into one that practically jumped into my arms with joy!! I truly feel blessed that I have gotten to visit her – as if she is one of my own children.

When we arrived, most of the village had decorated their common area in celebration of our arrival. They set off fireworks, decorated with palms and flowers, as well as laid pine needles on the ground to recreate the arrival of Jesus. It was very touching as they put on a little program that included songs, games, and skits, just for us. Their welcoming smiles and hugs were very heart-warming and were the perfect start to all of our stops today.

After the party we continued on to the house of the next sponsored child, Jenifer. It was just down the road and they cleaned up the house just for us. I gave Jenifer and her mom their gifts and they were very appreciative. They felt bad that they didn’t have a lot to offer, but made it clear that what they did have was made with a lot of love. The team greatly appreciated this kind act of simplicity. Once we said our goodbyes, we moved on to Fany’s house.

We climbed up the hill to Fany’s house, where I had been only one other time. This was a special time not only to reconnect some more with Fanny, but also her grandmother. Her grandmother is extremely grateful for the Bible and Mary books that I have given her over the years. She even told me that when she teaches the religious classes in the village, she uses them, and all of the people ask her where she got them. I gave Fany and her grandma their gifts and they were willing to give a live turkey in return. Yes, you read that right – live turkey! We sadly had to decline, mostly because it probably wouldn’t pass through security. But, it was very touching that she was willing to give us her only source of nourishment.

From there we had a bumpy ride back down into the town of Florida. The newbies (Jason and Mallory) got to see first hand what riding in the back of a truck in Honduras is like. Or as I like to say, they were in the baggage hold. But with the pain and soon to be sore backs, they got the best views of the beautiful landscape of the aldeas. We stopped and shared a wonderful meal with the unbound staff. It was nice to sit around with the whole group and get to know one another. I got to know a few more things about Fany. She enjoys playing soccer and basketball and Don Christrian said she is a great athlete. She likes horses and loves Justin Bieber, just like every other teenage girl.

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Once lunch was over, we were back on the road to our final stop; our third sponsored child, Victoria. She was three and a half years old and as cute as can be. Upon arrival, we all stopped in our tracks because we were in shock of the pine needles and pink flowers leading us up the steps and into their humble home. Again, without having the means for decorations, their simple way of showing us love was so beautiful. As soon as I walked in Victoria immediately stretched out her arms for me to pick her up. I was amazed to hear her mother say that she rarely does that with strangers. With the exchange of gifts, my favorite part was seeing Victoria’s face light up when I handed her a little doll. Not too long after, she was as happy as can be with the doll in one hand and a lollipop in the other.

We made our way back into town and took a little rest after our long, but fulfilling day. Later we headed over the girls home to have dinner. Sor Edit is quite the jokester and brought us out hamburgers the size of a quarter as our meal. Thankfully she then brought us regular sized hamburgers.

After, we went back to the house for reflection. As our day comes to a close and we look back on the God filled moments of the day, the one thing that stands out to us is that there isn’t anything more important than loving the Lord. These families are among the poorest of the poor and it is very much evident that they put their trust fully in God. Today we all got to experience what true happiness looks like. When I lay my head down tonight, I will be at peace knowing that each of the three homes are now blessed with the gift I had given them, a picture of our Blessed Mother. Her presence will constantly be radiating in their simple way of life.

Let us give Glory to God!


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  1. I am really enjoying your updates on all of the team’s beautiful God moments this week. What gifts you are to our parish and to the girls and elderly in Honduras; you are truly the hands and hearts of Christ!! God bless you all!! Much love from your sister in Christ!
    Liz Yohon

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