Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 21, 2016

Day 3 – Monday

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The morning started with breakfast at the elderly home. Several of the nuns had been on retreat when the team arrived and so they greeted us warmly at breakfast. After breakfast, Sor Miriam gave us a tour of some newly completed projects some of which were funded by our parish including renovations in the dining room, kitchen (purchase of a oven for bread, special mixer) and chapel. Another project recently completed was the addition of a new residence for the nuns. It is a beautiful and simple home.

After our tour, fun with the elderly started!! Art activities, games and dancing kept smiles on the face of all of the participants – and those who just chose to watch the entertainment.   Our time with the elderly is very humbling as many have limited mobility and others repeat their stories over and over. It is a great opportunity for us to truly be present. One elderly man shared his war story from the 1960’s regarding the Honduran conflict with El Salvador. He shared incredible details and became very emotional.

Later in the day, we created a photo booth for the girls and took both individual and group pictures. Some were so excited to put on flower headbands and cool “shades” while others were very shy in front of the camera. Of course, all could not wait to see how their picture came out The girls will paint frames as a remembrance of this time together. The youngest girls participated in a devotion to Mary. Magda read the “Life of Mary”, followed by some questions about her life – even the youngest girls knew so much about our Blessed Mother. Barb, Jason and Mallory helped the girls make rosary bracelets. While Jane helped the girls complete more pen pal letters to our students at St. Michael’s, several girls quizzed her on her limited Spanish skills.

One highlight of the afternoon came when Sor Edit (head of the orphanage) wanted to show us some of the improvements in the orphanage and along the way she shared that some of the younger girls had a “surprise” for all of us. She took us to an unfinished area behind the orphanage and the girls told us to close our eyes. We opened them to a beautiful path they had lined with tile and other recycled pieces of concrete. The girls had swept it clean and even had made a garland from a vine. It was pure childhood joy!!

Early evening was spent playing volleyball, kickball, basketball, and a shared rosary prior to dinner. Over a delightful dinner of an El Salvadorian special called “pupusas”, the sisters shared interesting stories from previous assignments as well as updates on day-to-day happenings at the orphanage. Sor Teresa (the previous head sister at the elderly home) called from Tegucigalpa to welcome us back to Honduras and to express appreciation for the ongoing support of St. Michael the Archangel.

Paz y bien…….

Our team – Mallory, Magda, Barb, Jane and Jason


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