Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 20, 2016

Day 2 – Sunday

Today was full of excitement! As I had mentioned a few of the girls received several sacraments today: baptism, first communion, and confirmation. After a wonderful breakfast with the Sors at the elderly home, we got more of the layout of the elderly home down. It started where they make the tortillas. Jason and I got to experience the tortilla making first hand as we attempted to pat the dough into a perfect circle while the girls laughed at us. Next, we got to stop in the courtyard to for a meet and greet with the elderly. We went around the courtyard one by one giving hugs and exchanging smiles. My highlight of this was when I was standing between two of the women holding their hands and the only thing I could understand them saying was “alta! alta!” aka “tall! tall!” I’m sure they are not used to a 6-foot girl walking around their home – haha!

Then we headed off to the orphanage. We arrived to chaos! Girls were running around in white dresses trying to do last minute touch-ups before mass, tables and tents were being set up, and other girls were scrambling to help in anyway they could. After taking in this scene, we made our way to the church, which was beautifully decorated with white and gold cloth and white paper doves – or as Magda likes to call them, ghosts! Mass was truly special. The team could all agree that God was present throughout its entirety. It was so amazing to see these girls all dressed up in their white dresses and watching the archbishop humble himself as he passed on the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Mass was followed by a very nice reception. The girls’ friends and some of their families were all there to help celebrate. We sat around the courtyard, played games, talked, and listened to the girls sing while enjoyed a great lunch and cake for dessert. Nearing the end of the reception, the team decided to head out so we could make a quick grocery run and have a little rest before our fun evening.

After our little break and a siesta, we went back to the orphanage to help the girls with their pen pal letters to St. Michael’s. I have grown up writing letters to these girls, whether it had been in Religious Ed, VBS, or FLOCK, I have fond memories of trying to come up with the perfect thing to say to these girls in Honduras who I thought I would never meet. So when I got to see the smiles on their faces when they opened their envelope full of pictures and letters just for them, it brought me just as much joy as it brought them.

Once the letters for the little girls were taken care of, we hopped back in our favorite van and Joe drove us to the girl’s high school where they were having a carnival. This was a sight to see! There was lots of loud music, dancing, games, boys and girls running around and all I could think of was how cool it was to see how kids close to my age interact in another culture. And as strange as it was for us to take all of this is, I think the kids felt the same about taking us in (we got the up and down look quite a few times!). We ran into girls from the orphanage here and there and were yet again greeted with hugs.

When the nuns started shooing everyone out and putting the boys to work, we decided we better get out before we got stuck on the cleanup crew – they meant serious business. We packed back into the van and headed back to the orphanage for the rosary and dinner. We sat around the courtyard with all of the girls and Sors as they went decade by decade through the rosary with a song every now and then. The Sors made us a great dinner that consisted mainly of tamales and ice cream.

Shortly after dinner we headed back to the guesthouse to host a reunion for some of the girls who used to live in the elderly home. It meant a lot to Jane, Magda, and Barb to see these familiar faces and once again Jason and I enjoyed meeting the new ones. I loved getting to know each of them and playing card games with them, while being competitive and laughing, despite the language barrier. And I think they got a kick out of trying to pronounce my name. One of the main things I learned today is that “Mallory” does not translate to Spanish very well.

We said “adios” and “buenas noches” and finished our night with team reflection. It had been a long day, so the whole reflection we were in and out of serious God moments and hysterics with the fun but exhausting day we had. Tomorrow we have another busy day ahead of us and can’t wait to see what is in store!

Buenas noches!



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