Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 19, 2016

Day 1 – Saturday

Jane, Magda, Jason, and I started our day out bright in early meeting at 5am in the St. Michael’s parking lot to head to the airport. Barb got an even earlier start than us because she was on a different airline. We all had very smooth flights and no problems along the way!

Once we got to Honduras and got through customs, we were welcome by the smiling faces of Don Christian, Sor Miriam, Sor Edit, and Barb (who had arrived about an hour ahead of us). After quick hugs and introductions we were off to load our luggage in the van. Don Christian did most of the hard work, climbing on top of the van and strapping it on, while the rest of us took in the sights of the San Pedro Sula airport. After we got loaded up, we went back into the airport for a quick bite to eat at Wendy’s and then we were off!

On our road trip from San Pedro Sula to Santa Rosa de Copan, I had the pleasure of riding in the front seat with our fabulous driver Don Christian. The one thing I had been warned multiple times was how wild this road trip was and I was told to take all precautions for motion sickness. I did all of this, not knowing what was in store for me, but little did I know, this road trip would be one of the highlights of my day. It was eye opening for so many different reasons. First being how you drive in Honduras: dodge every pothole and it is every man for himself (at the same time!!). Second being how cool Don Christian is. He would point out all the fun sites to me, like carnivals and big busses packed tight with people, and give me a sympathy clap when I would try to spit out a Spanish vocab word of the things we would see on the road. The third thing was just how poor this country is. To be honest, I was not sure what to expect coming into Honduras. I knew that this is a struggling country, but it was shocking passing these shacks and huts on the side of the road, surrounded by trash with kids running around. This road trip really helped prepare my heart and made me realize why, what we at St. Michael’s are doing for the community of the elderly home and girl’s orphanage is so important.

As we arrived on the cobble-stoned streets of Santa Rosa de Copán around 6pm, we pulled right into the elderly home and unloaded our bags and got situated. Unfortunately, we did not get to see the elderly because of their early-to-bed lifestyle here in Honduras, but we will have plenty of time to see them the rest of the week. We got a quick layout of the land and took some time to freshen up, then off to meet the girls.

I was not prepared for the love and smiles I would see when I walked through those doors. The girls came running and hugged each of us one by one. Jane, Magda, and Barb were doing great recognizing each of the girls, while Jason and I were quickly saying “Cómo te llamas?” to each one who hugged us, rapidly trying to commit the names to memory …. and failng . It was such an overwhelming bout of love and introductions that we got some time to let it sink in over dinner that the Sors made for us. It was a delicious meal of baleadas, and homemade rolls (those were made by the girls). After dinner, we said our goodnights and see you tomorrows. We walked back to the elderly home to get a few more items unpacked.

Our nightly reflection was a great way to refocus on our purpose for this trip and hear how everyone else experienced this day. We have an early morning and a big day of sacraments ahead of us. Tomorrow multiple girls from the orphanage are getting baptized, first communions, and confirmations (or all of the above). We are eager to witness and celebrate these beautiful sacraments with them!

¡Buenas Noches!


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  1. Thanks for the update Mallory! I’m sure you are loving it all! Give hugs and kisses for me.

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