Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 16, 2016

Final Thoughts – Coming Home


We began this trip only six days ago and with 7 newcomers, many of us did not know what to expect. We knew there would be hugs from the ninas, language barriers, and a “great experience.” Little did we know just how impactful the people of Santa Rosa would be.

As a 19 year old college student, I saw firsthand what life would have been like if I was born into a different situation. I met girls my age, who showed me how uniquely blessed I was to have been born into a stable family, have the opportunity to pursue an education, and inherit privilege of being an American citizen. This incredibly humbling realization came from meeting the girls and seeing how our experiences lined up. We met a 17-year-old with the ambition to be a lawyer,who has to overcome countless more obstacles than I do to receive a proper education. We met a 24-year-old with the courage to leave all she was familiar with to attend university in America.

While the people we met in Honduras may have taught myself and all of the group about humility, they also taught us about similarities. Certain activities transcended cultures allowing us to grow in fellowship. Every person in the travel group was able to use their gifts and interests to form relationships with the people of Santa Rosa. Before I knew it, myself and the other teenage girls were braiding hair and talking about who Justin Bieber is dating.

While reflecting yesterday, in tears from saying goodbye to the girls, we talked about how “full” and at peace the team felt. It is easy to feel as though we got so much more than we gave. We learned about sacrifice from Joe, who continually puts the needs of the girls at the orphanage before his own. We learned about the achievements of the people of Santa Rosa and compassion from Johnny and Jenny. The elderly taught us how to love using words only when necessary and the members of a local aldea taught us how to be gracious and welcoming. Thank you for everyone’s prayers and work to make this week possible. God was truly present all week.

Mary Fain



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