Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 11, 2016

Days 1 & 2

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After a very long day of traveling yesterday, we were up bright and early to meet at 6:30 AM and have breakfast with the nuns at 7am. It is beautiful to hear the nuns singing prayers both before and after meals. Then, one of the girls showed us how to make tortillas and each of us took a turn. We were surprised at how difficult it is to get them round.

We went to Mass and had the opportunity to watch many children be baptized. What a beautiful family affair! The Honduras people have been so welcoming. Several ladies came up to give us hugs from across the church during the sign of peace. We laughed at how communion was a free for all. Everyone gets up whenever they want and goes wherever they want.

During our lunch with the nuns, the girls serenaded us from the window. So sweet!!

After lunch with the nuns, we gathered all the girls in the courtyard for an afternoon of sports games. They had a great time playing with us and with each other. They are truly sisters. In true Johnson County style, each girl won a prize. Those of us who are on this trip for the first time are really surprised at what an amazing experience this has been and IT”S ONLY OUR FIRST DAY!!  Diane Williams and Linda Hopfinger



  1. Love it! Your description is spot on—I can picture the free-for-all Mass and am re-living it in my mind. 🙂
    I love all of the pics–especially the new window in the Nun’s quarters. WOW! That’s beautiful!
    And luckily for all of you, square tortillas are just as tasty as round ones. 🙂

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