Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 15, 2015

Saturday – Day 7

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Our Saturday started bright and early with a 5:45 am departure (that’s right…by day 7 we had 7 women showered and ready for a busy day before 6 am!). We made a short walk to the Good Samaritan Center. Father Schmitz celebrated mass (in Spanish…what a trooper!). We then served breakfast made by a local community organization called the Friends of Madre Paula. Those benefiting from the meal of coffee, sweet bread, beans, tortillas, crèma and huevos included expectant mothers, people waiting for hospital services, and people with family members in the hospital. We handed out blankets made by the SMA students at Go Forth and Serve day. The smiles on the faces of the people receiving the blankets were heartwarming. We ended our time at the community center by presenting a donation to the head of the community organization. Their hope is to soon establish a food pantry in the neighborhood.

We walked back to the elderly home and enjoyed an authentic El Salvadorian breakfast complete with puposa (similar to a quesadilla with homemade corn tortillas-delicioso!). Four of the five Sors at the elderly home are from El Salvador. What a treat! We served ice cream sundaes to the elderly. It was like watching kids in a candy store seeing their faces eating the sweet treat! The team gathered donations of medications, personal hygiene products, underwear and socks, a variety of craft and game supplies and presented them to Sor Miriam and Sor Zonia. Thanks to the generosity of the SMA parish, we were able to provide much needed and difficult to obtain essentials to both houses.

Sor Zonia and Joe then drove us to the infant orphanage “Hogar de Ninos” San Jose. It is led by the Sisters of Charity. There we met 3 girls that will soon be moved to the girls orphanage: Deisy (7) and Sylvia (2). Sylvia was quiet and unsure how to react to the multiple, tall, overly enthusiastic adults that were trying to get her to smile for the camera. Deisy, however, was ready to entertain the crowd. Watch out Sor Zonia! This one is a live-wire! Hopefully one other child, Gloria(2), will also be moved to the girls’ orphanage after the legal process is complete. We returned back to the orphanage for a final relaxing lunch with the Sors. Our relationships have grown so much over the past week. It is hard to imagine leaving this amazing, hard-working, peaceful, patient, and prayerful group of women. They will be a constant reminder in our hearts of how Jesus calls us to live out our lives.

The evening was spent back at the orphanage for the Feast of Saint Anthony celebration. The girls decorated the orphanage in honor of their patron saint. Nothing was missing from this celebration including mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Santa Rosa de Copan (with the sound of very loud and numerous fireworks before during and after mass!), tamales, a band and dancing. The entire neighborhood was welcomed into the orphanage for the event (and basically the entire neighborhood showed up!). Our evening ended with good-byes to the girls and Sors. It is so hard to leave these precious gifts from God. Tears and all we made it back to the small house for a final reflection.

“And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.” Micah 6:8

Hoping to always remember these words, as we get ready to transition back to our lives in Kansas.




  1. Wonderfully written Lauren. Thanks (all of you) for going and giving us back home the feel of your trip.

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