Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 13, 2015

Friday – Day 6

As our time here is coming to a close I find myself feeling greedy to embrace every moment. I don’t want any distractions to take away my last days of solidarity with these beautiful people we are blessed to serve.  At our morning prayer and reflection we spoke about how we feel “full” when we are here. We talked about how we can share God with others and how we can impact the lives of others through prayer, a kind word or just holding a hand. I am being reminded that all things are temporary, true love is in Jesus Christ. Our love for Him will lead us to eternal life. We need to trust in that love, to trust in the love He has for us.

We had many blessings today, large and small…the water went out AFTER we all showered this morning, the power went out during daylight hours when we could continue with our projects but the largest blessing of all today was a woman named Jovita.  We took gifts to the elderly this morning consisting of a scapular, a holy card and some candy. As we were distributing the gift bags Fr. Daniel kept very busy blessing all the scapulars as the elderly approached him.  Jovita had been avoiding us all week, not merely avoiding but literally wheeling away if any of us got within 10 feet of her. If we tried to take her picture she would pull her hat down over her face…she was very serious about avoiding contact with us. But this morning she wheeled over to us in record time, smiling and engaging. We were all surprised at this turn in attitude and looked at each other in amazement. After Fr. Daniel placed her scapular over her head and blessed it she took his hand and held it…no words were needed…it was a true God Moment. Then she rewarded all of us with her version of “Tickle Tickle”, catching Father at it first which made us all laugh.  We were treated to a show put on by the students from the nursing school who have been here all week doing medical check ups on the elderly, They sang and danced for all of us, it was a very cultural experience!

Lunch was outside today in the courtyard where we shared a lot of stories and laughter with the Sors. With my Spanglish/Charades method of communication and Father’s ability to translate I believe the Sors officially believe that we grow hamburger in our gardens and eat our young! We share so much laughter at our continual language mistakes…it is humbling!

We headed over to the orphanage to finish our painting projects and spend time with the ninas.  Sherry and Lauren with Dani translating did their “Battle of the Books”, a reading program the group has developed with bringing different books for the girls each trip.

We had “Pizza Night” with 21 extra large pizzas and 15 liters of soda…just imagine that!

Since tomorrow is the Feast of St. Anthony and a Mass and fiesta are planned the girls put their traditional show on for us tonight. They sang, played guitars and danced. They presented us with individual gifts, both verbal and physical. The words they spoke truly touched our hearts and we realized how much of an impact this mission has created. We are family, we are each other’s hearts and as Father Daniel told the girls tonight, we look forward to spending time with them in eternal life. Our hearts are full!

We in turn put on a show for the girls…Father Daniel can really dance! We did the Chicken Dance inviting the girls and Sors to join, everyone enjoyed it so much that we did the Cupid Shuffle for good measure! I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling all day.

Our evening prayer and reflection was filled with God Moments from each of us. It is hard to explain the feeling of humility during this mission, we are humbled.

I could share so much more from this beautiful day with these beautiful people but it’s late and I’m really looking forward to my 4 or 5 hours of sleep tonight!  I will close with one of our prayers from today…

Dear God, Help me to notice Your face Lord, in the faces of the people I am with so that I don’t miss the opportunity to serve You. As you gave Your life to me, help me to give my life back to You through justice, love and mercy. Help me walk humbly with You. Amen.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, we love sharing this journey with you!

Lynn Pollock



  1. Thank you for sharing your incredible experience with us through this blog. I can only imagine how full your hearts must be.

  2. Loved your post today, felt
    I was there with you all and so wish I was…love and blessings to all!

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