Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 12, 2015

Thursday – Day 5

Today was another day packed with activities. Our morning began enjoying breakfast with the sisters in the elderly home. We were treated to pancakes, chicken patties, juice, coffee, fresh fruit, cheese and toasted bread.

After breakfast, we walked to the Café Velas to purchase coffee and locally made Honduran items that will be brought back to St. Michael’s and sold during the September second collection fundraiser. Sonja, the young owner of the café, has employed four girls who previously lived in the orphanage and worked in the elderly home. We were proud to hear the girls were hard workers and dependable employees. We couldn’t be missed pulling our coffee filled luggage down the uneven streets of Santa Rosa de Copan in the company of a 6’4’’ priest in a neon green shirt.

We returned to the elderly home and enjoyed spending time visiting and playing “Jenga”. Lynn Pollock announced to the elderly we were going to play “Jenga”. Conchita, who is 45, years old, blind and has developmental disabilities, was so excited both her arms and hands were trembling and waving uncontrollably.   It was fun to hear the laughter and squeals when the wooden tower fell.

Today the travel team and Sor Sonja (the director of the orphanage) visited the Catholic high School. The girls have been attending the all girls’ high school for the last 7 years.  We met with the sister who is responsible for academic affairs.  She expressed gratitude for St. Michael’s parishioners supporting the girls in the orphanage.  Our hearts warmed with pride when Sister reported our girls were hard working, responsible and involved in numerous school activities.

The travel team joined the sisters in the orphanage for lunch and prepared for an afternoon of painting. Each girl painted a picture on canvas for their respective pen-pal classroom at St. Michael’s and painted a second picture for herself. It was fun to watch the creativity of 50+ girls paint their masterpieces. While the girls were painting, representative from Unbound distributed gifts to the girls sponsored by St. Michael’s parishioners. The girls were overwhelmed with delight when they opened packages filled with clothes, art supplies, candy and numerous other surprises.

Father Schmitz celebrated mass in the elderly home at 5pm.  The small chapel was filled with the elderly, sisters from the elderly home and the orphanage, girls from the orphanage, the travel team and a few local residents.  Father confidently celebrated the mass in Spanish. It has been amazing to witness Father Schmitz’s Spanish and his ability to communicate with the sisters, elderly and the girls through out the week. He seldom needs Dani to assist with translation.

After mass, the travel team treated the nine sisters and Joe to dinner at a local restaurant.  We walked approximately a mile each ways on uneven stone streets. It was an evening of laughter and an opportunity to learn more about the new sisters and at the same time continue to build on our relationships.  Upon return to the elderly home, we encountered a body covered with a sheet lying on the doorsteps to the elderly home. We wondered if the person under the sheet was alive. Sor Miriam carefully pulled back the sheet unsure what she would find. Thank God the young gentleman was sleeping knowing he would be safe in front of the elderly home. Sor invited the man inside but he declined.

We concluded the day with reflection  and prayer.

Today was another day filled with the Holy Spirit as we humbly experienced and witnessed the unconditional love of our extended family here in Honduras.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.


Mari Lynn Garcia


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