Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 11, 2015

Wednesday – Day 4

I have never been so sweaty during Mass in my life. We’re in a small town where approximately 50 persons are sponsored by CFCA/Unbound. It’s 4:30 pm and it must be over 100 degrees. I think I sweated through my stole. I almost complained about it, but then I looked out and saw the 100+ disciples of Jesus Christ gathered in front of the altar of God to give their worship to Our Savior, including the infants and the old hombres y senoras, knowing they only get a few times to go to Mass each year. I thought of Saint Francis and Saint Anthony, (the patron of many places here) and how happy they were to be with the poorest of the poor, and I thought of all the priests who have taken care of these children of God and whom I’ll never meet this side of heaven, and I especially thought of how eager Our Savior was to see these people face to face, and all of a sudden I didn’t really care how hot it was and became joyful that I was part of this great Catholic family of God.

We spent the large part of the day with the travel team’s sponsored children. It’s been a while since most had seen each other. Mari Lynn hadn’t seen her little Mynrna for over 5 years. But the tears on the faces of these children’s mothers said everything that needed to be said. We literally received a hero’s welcome everywhere we went, complete with fireworks, flowers and palms strewn on our path walking past the cheering crowds. Because we were great people coming back victorious? No. Because we cared enough about them to be present, to show them the love of Christ. Because of which they showed us how great it is to be united in the faith and love of Jesus Christ. A foretaste of heaven even.

That describes this trip: we are on pilgrimage to our eternal homeland and have the love and support of those who care about us enough to want what is best for us in God’s eyes, even when it is difficult and hot and raining and homesick. Nobody knows me as real active online, so I’m not going to write much more, (and if there are any pictures or anything else along with this blog post you’ll know it isn’t me) so my final thought is this: no matter how hard the day is, someone else has it harder; no matter how difficult the journey to eternity is, the Lord has put many people on our path to support us, and lean into Heavenly help instead of complaining about the weather.

Fr. Schmitz



  1. Tell Sherry to buy you a couple of cold beers. You are a great Catholic Priest, Love you. Steve

  2. Praying for you all. What a wonderful experience for everyone. What a joy! Hoping Fr. Schmitz was able to shower ;).

  3. May God bless you Father Schmitz and the good you are doing there. Even though we are miles and miles apart, your words spoke to me and resonate even locally. This is a keeper of a phrase .. “the Lord has put many people on our path to support us, and lean into Heavenly help”. I know you are quite a distance from the young boy that my older boys sponsor, but while you are in his country, would you please offer a prayer for Angel, who is only 9 years old. Safe home to all ~

    P 🙂

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