Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 8, 2015

Sunday – Day 1

Thanks be to God we have safely arrived at our destination! After a very early start to our day we all made it to the airport with time to spare, or so we thought…We had quite a bit of finagling to do to get all of our donation bags down to the correct weight, but with lots of patience and teamwork we overcame our first obstacle of the journey!

We arrived at the airport in San Pedro Sula and were greeted by Sor Sonia (the head nun at the orphanage), Joe Self, don Cristian and Freddy (the last two are our faithful and very talented drivers). We ate a delicious lunch at Pizza Hut and set off for Santa Rosa. With don Cristian zooming around dogs, people and other vehicles he got us to Santa Rosa safely (and in good time)! This is the first trip that we have arrived on a Sunday and there was significantly less traffic on the roads. After being welcomed to the senior center by Sor Miriam (the head nun at the house), settling in to the little house and getting updates from Fernando on all of the construction projects that have been happening in the senior center (new chapel roof) and the city (the road next to the senior center is being paved and he elaborately described the machines they’re using to do it), we set off for the orphanage.

We were greeted with countless hugs. It was so great to see the girls. I cannot believe how tall they are getting! We met some of the new girls. Perla is 9 and she is Lesly Sarahi’s younger sister. Lesly graduated from the orphanage and is currently participating in a culinary program in San Pedro Sula. We also met Fernanda, another 9 year old. Sor Sonia told is on our car ride that they are also expecting three new girls. One is 5 and the other two are 2 years old. They each have been removed from their families because of abuse. They are currently at a safe home in town and will come to the orphanage soon, perhaps this week.

We ate dinner with the nuns at the orphanage. We shared information about ourselves and started getting to know one another. There are currently 5 sisters at the orphanage, 3 arrived in January. We look forward to forming stronger relationships with them.

After dinner, some of the girls walked us back to the senior center. Fr. Daniel celebrated Mass. He gave a wonderful reflection on how no matter where we come from we are all invited to partake in the same Body and Blood of Christ. We have so much to share with each other.

Thank you for your blessings for the sisters, girls, elderly and our mission here in Honduras. Please pray that we are able to have the strength to continue serving others and live God’s Word in all that we do.




  1. Sounds like a great start!! Have such a wonderful trip everyone, wish I could be there to see the girls and elderly!

  2. I don’t know who has the most difficult conditions. Sherry and Lauren in Honduras, or Zach and Steve with the three kids. I have vacuumed three times since you left. I was asked by the city of leawood if I was wanting to get a food preparation license. Remember sometimes heave can be found everywhere that “There is Love”.
    Steve Barthol

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