Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 19, 2015

Saturday – Coming Home….

Saturday’s return travel from Santa Rosa back home went largely without a hitch, thanks be to God! The team had a final breakfast with the nuns at the elderly home, exchanged many emotional good-byes, and then made the three hour drive from Santa Rosa to San Pedro Sula for the flight back to the States. We were accompanied by Sor Dinora and her replacement at the girls home, Sor Zonia. What a treat it was to spend some more time with both of them, exchange a few more laughs, and finally a few more hugs. The team made it back to KCI a little after 9 pm on Saturday night, tired but inspired, with warm greetings from many

Looking back at the mission trip as a whole, and although it is impossible to distill the many amazing moments into a few brief lines, something that keeps coming to mind is what Pope John Paul II meant by ‘the Law of the Gift’. In short, Pope John Paul II reemphasized that the human person (because we are made in the image and likeness of God) is made for a self-giving love (not a self-getting love), and will find fulfillment in giving himself or herself in service to others. If you have the opportunity when you see the members of our mission team over the coming days and weeks, ask whether the trip was fulfilling to her or to him. Undoubtedly you will receives a resounding “yes!” in response. Why? Because each of us experienced and witnessed this self-giving love that we are all made for — in seeing other members of the team in service to the girls and the elderly (and members of the team in service to each other), in seeing the Sors in both homes in faithful and humble service to others, in seeing the girls and elderly act with self-giving love toward one another, as well as the self-giving love we saw in countless others whom God graciously put in our paths this past week. God allowed us to share in many small ways the love that is present in the Most Holy Trinity. Our prayer is that this experience of God’s Divine Love will continue to ripple out into our families, our parish and wherever else God sends us forth.

Thank you, thank you, to all of you who prayed for us on the trip — God showered us with blessings in answer to your prayers. And thank you to Jane Rall back here at “mission control” in Leawood who sent out all of the blog posts we provided to her each day, and to all who contributed in any way to the mission trip. Dios les bendiga! (God bless you all!)

Dcn. John


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