Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 17, 2015

Friday – Day 7

Our morning began with a reflection led by Deacon John and a delicious breakfast at the elderly home featuring Sor Marta’s pancakes. Breakfasts this week have been a time of deepening friendships between our team and the nuns as each of them has shared their “story” – their calling to religious life, places they have served, and how God has blessed them. The nuns are such an inspiration and example of faith.

After breakfast we gave small gifts to the elderly men and women in the home as well as to the girls who live and work here (jovenes). We were able to tie up loose ends, organize luggage for our return trip and purchase a few souvenirs in Santa Rosa. Lunch with the nuns at the elderly home was a time of fellowship as well as words of thanks and appreciation.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity as we headed to the girls home. Four girls celebrated quinceañeras (turning 15) so we helped them get ready for the special mass in their honor. Fr Cesar gave a wonderful homily telling the girls they were beautiful, not because of their dresses, but because of who God made them. There was cake to celebrate the occasion and then our team had our final dinner with the nuns at the girls home. Following dinner the girls put on a farewell program for us which included a prayer, dancing, guitar and singing. The program concluded with Clown Mike giving out awards earned at the carnival earlier in the week and our team showering the girls with silly string – a new experience they loved!

The final day in Honduras is always emotional and today was no exception. We are grateful God called each of to serve in Honduras this week, we are touched by the faith we have seen as we watched the nuns, and we are humbled by the welcome and love the girls and elderly have shown us. Whether this is our first trip to Honduras or we have lost count, the bonds of friendship which have deepened this week have touched our hearts and will forever leave us changed.
Jodie Seitzer


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