Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 16, 2015

Thursday – Day 6

Another full day of activities and special moments for the team!
The day began with some of the team finishing craft projects with elderly. The projects were started yesterday and received some beautiful finishing touches. At the same time some of the team went grocery shopping for the meal to be prepared by the team later in the evening for all of the girls and sors at the orphanage.
The team then enjoyed a very special mass in the chapel at the elderly home attended by many of the elderly residents, sors from both of the homes, and a few of the girls from the orphanage (along with a few locals). It was a cozy yet vibrant mass with music by 3 of the jovenes – their voices are angelic!
After mass there was a special lunch outside in the courtyard of the elderly home (yes, lunch outside for all you folks back home). We spent some quality time with Fr. Julio who celebrated the mass.
In the afternoon gifts were handed out to the girls at the orphanage, and then all team hands were on deck to prepare dinner at the orphanage. We made burrito bowls along with fresh fruit and rice krispy treats. We also had great help from 6 of the girls. They made dinner preparation a blast, with music blaring, dancing, and lots of laughs. Above all it created the type of moment that happens so often here in Honduras – spending quality time doing the normal, everyday things in life.
After dinner we had a “read in” with the girls – we popped popcorn and served soda but instead of watching a movie we provided each if the girls a new book and sat with them while their minds were opened to new stories. At first they didn’t seem sure that this would be much fun but before long almost all noses were in the books and a previously rowdy room was quiet and engaged.
Mixed in were many, many ordinary but special moments – singing together, playing 4-square, etc. – all sorts of things that come to mind when there’s no TV to turn to.
We have been blessed by so many personal encounters today, seeing the face of Christ in others, being present to those who long for a smiling face, and receiving Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Thank you Jesus for Day 6 in Honduras!
John Weist


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