Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 15, 2015

Wednesday – Day 5

After morning reflection with a focus on the Beatitudes and a typical local breakfast, the new members of the travel team were given a tour of the elderly home.

The remainder of the morning was spent with the elderly working on a Valentine project. As is typical, one or two start the project and before you know it they are all willing participants. A truly wonderful experience to share!

After lunch, preparation is made for a career fair with the older girls, while the remainder of the group spent time with the girls. And, for your information Deacon John is an excellent Four Square player.

One the highlights for the day was the Career Fair. Presentations by two graduates of the girl’s home and Zena Weist gave the girls an opportunity to hear each of their stories on successes, struggles and challenges each have experienced. The message was clear from all: Keep God in your life, study hard and keep trying.

The day ended with a celebration dinner in honor of the two head nuns: Sor Dinora and Sor Marta, who each will be leaving for new assignments in the near future. We also had the pleasure of welcoming the new director of the girl’s home Sor Zonia. A touching yet humorous moment was when Sor Dinora did her passing of the keys and anything else she could find. I hope you enjoy the picture.

Adios from Honduras and stay tuned for a report on Day 6.
Miguel (Mike Pollock)


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