Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 13, 2015

Monday – Day 3

What a night of celebration! We hosted an evening get together with 10 graduates of the Hogar. It was so nice to hear all the success stories.

This morning started early again with breakfast at the elderly home with the Sors. Our reflection this morning was about picking and utilizing one of the gifts God has given us during the day. For Deacon John and Mike, we think that was being clowns. We set up for the carnival and played lots of games with the girls while many of the elderly cheered them on. Our morning ended with a pizza party and dancing with the girls in the courtyard. As a newbie, it surprised us that the girls took whatever type of pizza was closest to them, and didn’t care what kind it was.

Later in the afternoon, the girls shopped in the clothing boutique for jeans and sweatshirts, each could pick out one of each item. The four girls celebrating their quinceanera: Juana, Karen, Ermelinda, and Estefani went into town with Meredith and Rose to shop. They were in the hunt for Converse style shoes–no luck! We shopped for close to four hours and hit nearly a dozen stores. The girls tried on lots of things, but were very diligent and thrifty with their money. In the end, they purchased jeans, watches, socks, and a few snacks. Everyone had a little money left over to save for a later time.
How amazing it was to see the girls and elderly laugh and play this morning and showing so much gratitude to each of us for everything that St. Michaels has provided them. They are so kind and loving to each of us.

As we end today, we feel blessed for the time we spend with each of them and sharing God’s love.

Rose and Meredith



  1. Thank you for caring & helping

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