Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 12, 2015

Sunday – Day 2

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Today we started with prayer and intentions for our trip led by Deacon John. We prepared ourselves for a week of being open to God’s will. Our goals are to “walk humbly with God, love with mercy and act with justice”(Micah 6:8). After a wonderful breakfast with the nuns in the elderly home, we walked to the orphanage to meet the girls. Each traveler was given a small group of girls to escort to mass at the Cathedral. An unexpected bonus at mass was that many local girls were getting baptized and receiving their First Communion. They wore beautiful white dresses and were so excited. After the walk back, our team divided into three groups. One group did activities with the elderly, one went to the local market to shop for supplies for the week, and one unpacked our many bags of donations and gifts.

The elderly enjoy playing with clay and tossing around balloons. Both activities provide exercise for both their minds and bodies.

After a wonderful lunch with the nuns in the orphanage, we spent quality time with the girls. Some highlights included receiving pen pal letters, playing four square, foozeball and the girls even taught us a few local dances. We are looking forward to hosting the girls that have graduated from high school evening. We will seek to encourage them in their work and plans for the future. Jill Andersen



  1. Awe,…love the picture of Rose with the elderly person. So sweet; so Rose.

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