Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 10, 2015

Getting Ready for The Journey…..

Parishioners participated in a lively trip packing night on Monday, January 5. Many hands made light work of putting our donations, gifts and items for recreation into luggage as we tagged, labeled and weighed each to prepare for the journey ahead. This team will bring funds from our parish that help support operating expenses in each home, tuition for high school, tutoring as well as funds for an improvement project in the elderly home. Nine parishioners will travel January 10-17 to live and work in solidarity with the residents of each home: Jill Andersen, Meredith Kluiter, Rose Kopecky, Mike Pollock, Dana Puchalla, Jodie Seitzer, Magda Snyder, John Weist, and Zena Weist. In the words of our own Deacon John, please pray for each volunteer “to be receptive to whatever grace that God desires to shower upon each on this trip, and for each volunteer to be further receptive to share this grace”.


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