Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 10, 2014

Monday – Day 3

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Day 3 was another memorable day in Honduras. The morning was filled spending time in the elderly home while the girls attended school.
This mornings project involved working with as many of the elderly as possible painting small wooden boxes. The names of each “artist” were put on the bottom so that later in the week they will be returned with a rosary in each for them to keep. Past projects which involved a keepsake, are often seen years later in the small nightstand next to each bed and regarded as true treasures.
Another task involved updating the photos of each elderly and nun in the home.
This year we are also creating a video from the folks in Honduras telling their stories and expressing their gratitude towards St Michael’s support these past ten years. Team members interviewed some of the elderly as well as some of the nuns in the elderly care home. It was amazing to hear how they lived their lives. Life is very hard in Honduras but accepted as the way it is and they persevere and remain grateful to God for whatever they do have. The elderly are so grateful to the nuns, who over the years continue to devote themselves to serving God’s family here on earth.
The nuns, in turn, thank God for the support of St. Michael’s. After lunch we went into the town of Santa Rosa de Copan. We visited a small coffee shop that was started and owned by a local lady who has been a great friend to the orphanage. She was fortunate enough to have gone through the same college experience in Wisconsin that Yeny, who spoke at our Masses last fall, has completed.
She has been working with Yeny already to help her find gainful employment on her return later this week, which utilizes her new skills.
Since her shop has won many accolades for the great coffee she uses, we bought 100 pounds of coffee from her, which we will use for upcoming sales at St Michael’s events. Her gift shop is filled with many beautiful candles, jewelry and artwork made by local Honduran people. We also purchased a selection to bring back and sell as well. Doing so is a tremendous benefit to these local people and in past trips highly desired by our parishioners.
In the afternoon, we went to the girls orphanage. School starts at 7:00 and ends at 1:00. We broke into two teams.
Barb, Margarida and Greg worked with the girls completing their pen pal sheets. Once these were completed, each girl created their own bookmark using a variety of letters and stickers. Getting all 53 girls to cycle though the small library to complete these tasks in an orderly and timely manner proved to be a challenge but, in the end, very doable.
Jane and Madga continued to conduct video interviews of several of the girls and the nuns in the orphanage home. It is always entertaining to hear, especially the younger girls, talk about what they most like about their home.
The evening again had the girls heading into the chapel to say the St Anthony novena and a rosary. It is my belief that their praying and beautiful singing gives us a glimpse of what Heaven will be like!
Dinner was again shared with the nuns at the orphanage. Shortly after we got word of Dana and Fr Brian’s 4 hour delay in arriving due to storms, we got hit with a downpour. The girls had a blast continuing to play in the open courtyard in spite of the rain.
After dinner we spent some time visiting with a small group of older girls then returned to the elderly care home to await Dana and Fr Brian’s arrival.
Even though late and lights out pretty much everywhere, once they arrived the nuns appeared to greet Fr Brian. They commented on “How young he is compared to what they thought he might be.” We commented it was good that he preceded Fr Danny or “they might have expected him to be even younger.”
We briefly reviewed tomorrow’s schedule and headed off to much needed rest.
Buenos Noches from a rainy Honduras!



  1. The rain won’t dampen your spirits! Hoping it stops soon. Can’t wait to see pictures of Fr and the whole crew. Prayers to y’all.

    Love and peace,

  2. It has been raining here nonstop for over 24 hours, so we are in solidarity with you! Well…sort of 🙂 . Prayers for a wonderful and fruitful trip!

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