Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 9, 2014

Sunday – Day 2

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Day two began with our team meeting with a prayer for a successful day followed by a review of the days planned activities. Breakfast in the elderly home with the nuns is always a special treat. Nothing compares to listening to their beautiful meal prayers, which they sing prior to each meal! Their calm spirit helps set the tone for the day and relieves much anxiety we often feel needing to get everything on the days schedule accomplished.

The highlight of the day was meeting the girls at the orphanage and dividing them up to walk the cobblestone streets to the cathedral in town. As is normal, the church is very full, even for an early Honduran, 8:30 mass. Everyone in the church participates in the mass with loud replies to prayers and joyful singing. The sign of peace takes much longer than we are used to since people greet far more than the people directly around them. Children line the main aisle to greet the priest who offers each child a warm hug.

After mass, Barb, Margarida and Greg unpacked the duffle bags and sorted out the many gifts from St Michaels. These included many medicines, bath supplies, crafts, games, 150 blankets as well as other needed goods. Afterwards, they blew up balloons and played “catch” with many of the elderly in the outdoor courtyard.
Jane and Magda spent time with Sor Dinora reviewing how things are progressing at the orphanage as well as what is needed going forward. Sor continues to feel blessed for all the help received from St Michael’s and we are blessed in return with their prayers. They also met with Joe Self, the lay missionary who was our first contact with the project and has been our “inspiration” to work in each home.

Much of the afternoon was spent with the girls at the orphanage conversing and sharing stories and pictures. Additionally, Magda and Margarida met with the team leaders for our first “Battle of the Books” event scheduled later in the week. A small “boutique” was set up for the older girls in the house to select some clothing items donated from the Nichols family at St. Michael’s as well as some parishioners. The girls enjoy picking out something for themselves as much of their clothing is communal.

We did complete some details in La Biblioteca (Library) carried over from the January trip. Placards designating different book types were posted. The library continues to stay very organized and in great shape in spite of its use by the 50 girls on a regular basis.

Greg and Joe Self went into town to purchase soda and snacks for the evening’s reunion with orphanage “alums” that still remain in the area.
Prior to dinner, all the girls headed to the orphanage chapel for a novena to St Anthony along with a Rosaria (rosary). They take turns leading each decade and between them singing songs. There are several who share the two guitars to accompany the singing.
It really is amazing to watch how the older girls take the time to watch out and care for the younger ones. In spite of there being 50 girls, they get along so well and all pitch in to help with whatever chores are needed without even thinking about it.
Dinner was with a few nuns from the orphanage. Sor Dinora reminisced about the changes that have occurred in our past ten years. She described not only the financial issues they were facing but also conditions like having to run a hose from a nearby river to bring in water…often along with leaves and whatever else might be in the river. She has had many assignments in her many years serving the vocation and when asked which was most special she responded “aqui” (here) without any hesitation.

The evening was then spent hosting a group of girls who have now left the orphanage. Most are still living together in one of several apartments. They typically live 6 in a 3-bedroom unit. They work while attending school, which keeps them very busy since many have full-time jobs as well as full-time classes at night.
They are truly impressive and not only beautiful, but intelligent young ladies who really are great role models for the younger girls still in the orphanage.
Tomorrow will be a busy day with many activities as well as the arrival of Padre Brian and Dana.

Sor Marta expressed her excitement to Meet Padre Brian but concerned that he might not fit into the “small” beds that are the norm in Honduras. We suggested they put two end to end and he’ll be just fine…Wait till they meet Padre Danny…
Thanks for everyone’s prayers!



  1. I’m so glad your trip has started so well! I am so sorry I couldn’t be there! Please give everyone hugs from me!

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