Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 8, 2014

Saturday – Day 1

Greeting from the beautiful town of Santa Rosa de Copan, home of our Girls Orphanage and Elderly Care Home!

Five of this summers team, Jane Rall, Magda Snyder, Margarida Kessens along with Barb and Greg Trum all arrived safely and without any incidents. Fr Brian and Dana Puchalla are planning to arrive Lunes (Monday).

The flights landed in Santa Rosa to very humid 90 degree afternoon weather. We were greeted by a bright and smiling Sor Dinora who is currently in charge of the orphanage. Sadly, Sister is expected to be reassigned in the near future after nearly all of the 10 years we have been working together. Fortunately, there are many other great nuns already here who will stay and we’re confident whoever is chosen to replace her will continue to have the interests of the girls development at her forefront.

After a somewhat curvy (and sometimes bumpy) 3 hour ride, we arrived at the elderly care home where we will be staying. We quickly unloaded the St Michaels donations along with our luggage into rooms and headed down the street to the orphanage.

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I’m never quite sure who is more excited to see the others, us or the girls. As expected, once we entered, the screams of a girl seeing us enter was the alarm for the others to all come running to us as well. They have such happy smiles and warm hugs for all of us, even those like Margarida who they are meeting for the first time. I wish everyone could experience firsthand the love they have for us thanks much to the support from the generosity of St Michael’s parishioners who make the girls lives so much better!

The courtyard has been decorated in anticipation of Fridays feast of St Anthony, who is the patron Saint of the orphanage. Of course, the highlight will be a mass celebrated in the orphanage chapel led by Padre Brian. All of the nuns, as well as girls, are very anxious to meet him.

This trip also has a special celebration since we are beginning ten years of our relationship down here. It is truly amazing how far we have come in these ten years. Looking back, it is amazing the differences…a roof that is not falling in at the elderly home, a room the girls can gather and play games or watch a video (a plaque outside names this the St Michael’s room), much cleaner water filtration, a garden to grow healthier foods, tutors to assist with schoolwork, clothing, better educational opportunities and list goes on.

The beautiful sign the girls made expresses their gratitude…Thank You St Michaels for 10 years of support!

We joined Sor Dinora and Sor Maria for a later than normal dinner in their kitchen/dining room. As usual, they prepare wonderful meals for us and we are truly grateful since we come to serve them but they seem to turn that around more than we would expect.

After dinner, we joined the girls in the orphanage courtyard for more enjoyment and then returned to the elderly home for rest.

The only hiccup of the day was when Greg returned to his room at the elderly home, his room had been locked while we were gone. This wouldn’t normally be a problem except the only key was left in the room. Thanks to the ingenuity of a couple of the Jovene (college girls who live at elderly home and orphanage while attending university in exchange some work they perform) and some sharp knives, the lock was picked.

We plan to take the girls into town and attend 8:30 mass at the cathedral.

Buenas Noches!


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