Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | February 2, 2014

Day 7 – Friday

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Deacon John started our day with a reflection for the feast day of St. John Bosco (also known as Don Bosco), the founder of the Salesian order. St. John was known for his work with street children, striving to improve their lives.

After breakfast with the nuns, our team divided to complete projects in each home. Mike, John and Jane headed back to the library to put the finishing touches on the updates there, while Jodie, Magda, Karla and Barbara enjoyed some recreational activities with the elderly for one last time.

Later in the morning, our team went to a local coffee shop called “El Cafe de las Velas” which specializes in local coffee and handmade candles and gifts. The owner had been a speaker for the annual career fair held earlier in the week. Our team picked up over 100 lbs of coffee that we will offer to parishioners at St. Michael’s for a small donation to support our project. We also purchased candles that help support a local battered women’s shelter.

After enjoying a special lunch with the nuns in the elderly home, we  headed back to the orphanage to complete our day.

Each time we travel to Honduras, we bring many requested items such as medicine, clothing, books and hygiene items. For this trip, one of our parishioners had competed a special collection of school supplies and backpacks. Each of the girls got to select a backpack from many colorful choices – it was fun to watch their faces when they made their selections!

We were treated once again to a delicious dinner — then the evening’s festivities began! At the end of each trip, the girls put on a talent show of sorts. The girls prepared several beautiful songs, dances and sweet messages of thanks for each member of our team. It is always a treat to see what girl is chosen as the MC for the event as well as to watch various girls share their talents with us. We also had “planned” a couple of skits —Mike was the star of the night as “Mike, the magician”, he made sure there were plenty of laughs and the girls loved his ability to “remember” past events!! Magda and Karla shared a special song along with the team’s rendition of “You are my sunshine”!

The evening concluded with many hugs, good-byes and blessings for each of the girls, nuns and all of our team. As we gathered for one last time as a team, it was beautiful to witness and hear how richly blessed each person felt throughthe love of Christ shared by each person we had met this week…


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