Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | February 2, 2014

Day 6 – Thursday

Thursday was another fruitful day for the entire team. It started early with a 6 a.m. visit to help serve breakfast at the Good Samaritan House near the hospital. The house is designed to provide support for those waiting and/or to families who have a loved one at the hospital. A group called the “amigos de Madre Paula” organize a breakfast once a month for the guests of the home.  Prior to serving the breakfast, everyone gathered in the chapel for morning reflection. After serving them, we packed everything up and walked across the street to a house for expectant mothers. The house is designed to provide a place of care for girls who come from the aldeas (country villages) or high-risk situations – another humbling experience. Scarves and rosaries from SMA were distributed to the expectant mothers as well.

Upon returning to the elderly home, we shared our experience through our morning reflection. Deacon John, shared the gospel of the day and how if a light is brought into a room we do not put it under a table but use for everyone to see. As disciples of Christ, we all have a role to share this light with those we come in contact with.

The remainder of the day was spent completing started projects, painting with the elderly and playing in the courtyard with the girls. It’s amazing how much fun the girls can have with so very little. For example, we brought with us a large box of multi-colored sidewalk chalk. All of the girls it seemed, without exception, found interest in drawing various scenes and objects on the courtyard. Soon the courtyard pavement was a brilliant collage of art!

Karla and Jodie also introduced a team competition for the upcoming school year  to encourage reading called “battle of the books” that many children in our area are familiar with.  Each girl is placed on a team and the leading team will be recognized throughout the year and prizes given on the June trip. The girls seem excited to start the competition – we’ve seen throughout the week as we’ve worked on the library project how much they like to read!

Later we enjoyed a dinner  with Joe Self and all of the nuns from both the elderly home and the girls’ home. Whoever came up with the stereotype of nuns not having much fun don’t know these nuns! We laughed and joked and had a wonderful meal.

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After dinner the team went up with Joe Self to visit the statue of Mary that is at the entrance of the Universite Catolica. This is the statute that has, at times in the past, visibly weep from Mary’s eyes (in fact on a past trip some team members experienced this “miracle”). Mary was not weeping this time; but the team prayed a rosary led by Deacon John, raising up our own personal intentions for the girls, the elderly, the Sors and our families.


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