Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | February 2, 2014

Coming Home…..

Today was our return travel day from Santa Rosa de Copan back home. We began the day with an earlier breakfast than usual (6:45 am) with the nuns at the elderly home before setting out. The mood was a little more subdued than previously in the week. We all knew that final goodbyes were coming soon. About midway during the week, inspired by the beautiful singing of the nuns before each meal, the team had begun singing “Immaculate Mary” before leading our meal blessing. We sang one last time for the nuns and enjoyed a parting meal. Hugs were exchanged, and hands waived goodbye from the van as we departed from in front of the elderly home.
Sor Dinora road with us back to San Pedro de Sula for our return flight. As is her way, Sor Dinora made sure we were taken care of and got onto our flight without issue, doing so with her ever present and reassuring smile every part of the way. Our flight left San Pedro de Sula without any delays; we made our connecting flight in Houston (although John and Jodie got bumped off the flight when the plane was “de-commissioned” they were able to get on when some other travelers didn’t show); and we arrived in KC pretty much on time. Thank you for all of your prayers this week, especially for our travel! We were blessed with a very smooth trip, tremendous weather, and no incidents to speak of.
Jane asked that I prepare one final post to conclude our trip, probably because I was the only one on the team who was making a first trip to our Honduran mission. There were so many blessings and graces which poured out onto us on this trip that it would take a book to record them all. We’ve touched on just some of them in our blog posts throughout the week. For me personally, it was an experience of a lifetime, and one which I will continue to “unpack” as I reflect on an amazing week.
It struck me, however, that, just as our departing day a week ago was a special feast day in the Church (the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul), so was our return day. We returned on the Vigil of the Feast of the Presentation — a special feast that, as our mass today reinforced, formally closes the Christmas season (40 days after Christmas). On this Feast of the Presentation we call to mind that Jesus is the light born into the world — the eternal Son come among us, as a light to all of the nations. In fact our mission team reflection on Thursday was precisely on this point: we don’t create the light but, rather, we “tap into” THE light itself, the light of Christ, through our baptism, and then are called to share that light with others. As a team we tried to do that this past week on our mission trip; and I can tell you first hand that each of the six people I was privileged to travel with this past week did precisely that: they shared the light of Christ to those in need in so many beautiful ways. And we experienced, most profoundly, the light of Christ that shines in the hearts of the girls, the elderly, and the nuns at our Honduras mission through their love, laughter, hugs, and generosity of heart. They shared that light with us; and it is our hope that we can in turn share that same light we have received.
Que Dios te bendiga,
Dcn. John, on behalf of Jane Rall, Magda Snyder, Mike Pollock, Jodie Seitzer, Karla Batlle and Barbara Kirby

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