Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 29, 2014

Day 4 – Tuesday

IMG_2469This morning, we again were greeted by the sounds of Santa Rosa de Copan – the morning songs of the Sors in the chapel and a constant cock-a- doodle doo (or as Sor Teresa fondly sings kee-ka-kekee) from the roosters. The morning reflection from Deacon John focused on the gospel of St. Mark and, those who do the will of the Father are all my brothers and sisters and the opportunity each of us would have to live this out through our actions.

After breakfast, we spent the morning with the elderly painting birdhouses – off to a slow start, we quickly grew the interest level and by the end we had to add extra tables and chairs – the joy in their faces and the pride in their accomplishments were precious.

In the afternoon, the team started the “Library Project” – sorting through mass amounts of materials and determining items needing to be kept, recycled and/or disposed. Several of the girls helped – but were quickly distracted as they found a book they had not seen in a long time – oh how they like to read.

Later in the afternoon a career fair was held with the older girls. The goal is to reinforce the efforts of SMA on the importance of education and preparing for the future. The three presenters consisted of a local business owner, a studying nurse and a Sor. Each of them was open about their life lessons and how important education, planning and believing in your self are the keys to their future.

The day ended with us getting pizza for the younger girls at the orphanage and then a dinner outing with the older girls and the Maria’s (the helpers at the orphanage) at the local pizzeria – imagine 35 girls around a table eating, pizza, drinking sodas and doing what young girls do – having fun and yes talking – and, if I failed to mention – boy can they eat pizza. In a few instances, it was the first time any of them had ever had pizza – another wonderful experience of fellowship.

As we made it back for our final reflection tired and exhausted, none of this mattered as we shared our thoughts of the day for nearly an hour with the entire team. We all agreed we had another memorable day living and observing the words of St. Mark in action – Buenos Noches!


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