Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 28, 2014

Day 3 – Monday

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Day 3 –Honduras Mission Trip

Today was – you guessed it – once again packed with moment after moment of grace-filled activity and time spent sharing with good friends (and making new friends).

The team began the day shortly after 7 am reflecting on the four-fold foundation principles of the Church’s social doctrine – those founding principles that drive how we as a people of God must view, interact with, support and shares ourselves with others.  Those four principles are: the dignity of each human being; acting for the common good (as opposed to self interest); subsidiarity (the principle that problems are best addressed at the most local level possible for that problem); and solidarity (the principle that we are, indeed, our brother’s and sister’s keepers).  Along with reflecting on the these principles we asked God to give us generous hearts willing to give of ourselves fully, as Jesus has done for us.

After breakfast with the Sors, we spent a day in conjunction with the local Unbound (f/k/a CFCA) office, and the Unbound representatives helped connect the team with some of the children who are sponsored by SMA members and who live in the aldeas (the villages outside of Santa Rosa).  To do that we took a relatively short ride from Santa Rosa to a farm that is run by Unbound. This was the designated meeting place for us to meet and spend time with four sponsored children (sponsored collectively by the Seitzers, the Pollocks, and Barbara Kirby).  We had a great time!  It’s beautiful to see these friendships renewed and strengthened. We all enjoyed some homemade ice cream (ask Mike Pollock about his asparagus ice cream), took a nice hike through a wooded area to see some incredible views of nearby mountains, and had a fun lunch together (included some freshly caught fish from a nearby pond).

The Unbound team then took us to another area (about a two-hour ride – some a little rough!) where Unbound maintains a local office, called Florida, Honduras.  After some time at the Unbound office we were taken to a nearby village where Unbound is really helping the local community in many ways. Although no one on our travel team or at SMA sponsors anyone in this particular village, we were welcomed with open arms (literally!) by all of the sponsored children/elderly and their families. It turns out that we were the first CFCA/Unbound sponsors who had ever travelled to their village, and they were very excited to see us and meet us.  We were all impressed by the talk we received from the mother who leads the local women’s coop – she shared with us how they are using assistance from Unbound and from sponsors to raise the standard of living in the village for the children and elderly. She even talked about how their women’s coop had taken what they had learned from Unbound (on how to best plant their small crops, create a savings account, etc.) and gone out to more remote villages to share this education with others where Unbound has not yet reached.  This was just one of many examples of how we saw first-hand the generosity of those who are themselves very poor but who are driven by their tremendous faith to share their gifts with others.

After a long ride home to Santa Rosa, we had a nice (but late!) dinner with the Sors at the girls’ home (homemade tortillas!), and then met as a team to reflect on our active but grace-filled day.  We each saw in the events of the day so many ways that the four foundational principles of the Church’s social teaching were seen and experienced.  We thanked God for the many gifts we had received throughout the day, and we retired (tired) for the night a short time after 10 pm.

We ask for your continued prayers for the travel team, the girls, elderly, Joe Self and the Sors. Until tomorrow – adios!


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