Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 28, 2014

Day 2 – Sunday


Hola once again! Day 2 has been a FULL day of fun and wonderful memories.

The team started the day with a reflection from Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation – Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”).  In particular we read Pope Francis’ words urging all Christians to exercise their call to be missionary disciples – that is, sharing with the world around us how our lives have been changed by the Good News of the Gospel. We are all called to be missionary disciples wherever we are, and usually that happens in our homes, at work, etc., in the course of our everyday lives; but this week the team gets to exercise this call in a special way in Santa Rosa de Copan, with the girls and elderly that St. Michael’s supports and serves.

After a nice breakfast with the nuns in the elderly home, we went to mass at the Cathedral with the girls.  Just walking to the Cathedral with the girls over the course of several blocks was a treat – they have so much energy and joy!  We’re supposed to be spreading the Gospel, but we definitely do most of the receiving, it seems.  The mass itself was filled with lots of song (the girls sing wonderfully), and although most of us didn’t understand much of the homily, Karla reports that padre really hit a homerun.

In the afternoon, we distributed the pen pal letters from the children of our school and religious education. Watching the faces as they read and looked at pictures was a treat.  We gathered the girls for some exercise and games in the courtyard.  After a rainy Saturday today was sunny and warm.  Check out the pictures here showing to see some of the fun and laughter that we shared.  Big thanks to Mike Pollock for organizing the games, and to the rest of the team for herding the cats, era girls.

Following the fun in the sun, we went back to the elderly home to for some late afternoon coffee with the local bishop. Sor Teresa had invited the bishop (they call him “Monsignor” to come by and chat with us before his mass this evening at the cathedral. Along with the bishop, the provincial nun in charge of the elderly home (Sor Janet) came by, as well as the newest priest in Santa Rosa, Padre Cesar.  Well, we were having a great time visiting, but when someone brought in a guitar for Padre Cesar to play – look out!  Padre Cesar, the nuns, and even the bishop broke out into song, after song, after song, right there at the kitchen table.  It was amazing! Afterwards the bishop gave us a beautiful blessing for our trip, that it would bear great fruit, and for us and our families.

Because we did not want our “concert” to end, we were a little late getting back to the orphanage for dinner with Sor Dinora and the nuns who work there. But they were gracious and didn’t mind. One of the highlights of the dinner (in this writer’s opinion) were the fried plantains. Delicioso!

We then went back to the “little house” to entertain the recent graduates of the orphanage, to catch up with them, hear of the great things they’re doing and (of course – this seems to be part of everything we do here) to share lots of laughs.  This is an annual “event” that is important, and gratifying, for the team to see how girls who we at St. Michael’s have supported, prayed for, and assisted over the years, who have now graduated and “moved on,” have taken their formation in the orphanage into their adult lives.

Whew! We’re tired !



  1. Wish I was there with you! Give everyone a hug for me!

  2. What a wonderful experience! Thank you for representing SMA for such an important mission.

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