Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 16, 2013

Day 6 – Saturday

Day 6 DSC00860 DSC00865 DSC00867 DSC00876 DSC00877 DSC00881 DSC00882 DSC00894 DSC00896 DSC00897 DSC00899 DSC00950 DSC00969 DSC01016 DSC01018 DSC01025 DSC01028Day 6

Prayer and reflection: The love of Christ compels us, we are ambassadors for Christ.

After breakfast we went out to the cemetery.  A couple years ago we as a church were made aware that they had no place to bury the elderly from the home when they passed. St Michaels offered to build a mausoleum so the elderly can be put to rest with dignity. A friend donated the property and the mausoleum was completed very recently. We went out to the cemetery to bless the mausoleum. It was a lovely service with a local priest, Sor Thelma and our travel team. The whole of Hogar de Ancianos is very thankful to our church family for this wonderful donation. We stopped by to pay our respects to Sor Elisa and Sor Felicia.

We came back to the elderly home and distributed blankets made by our school children at St. Michaels. We also played with balloons we brought from home. Jane and Dani had a meeting with Sor Theresa to review financial and operational projects and upcoming opportunities. The roof is complete. Medical and financial donations were given.

We all went back to the orphanage to finish our painting project and meet again for book club. We worked on pen pal project. The children at St. Michael’s school and religious ed have had a “pen pal” from the orphanage in Honduras all school year. The St. Michael’s kids made a video where they say “Hola” to their individual pen pals. The girls loved it and watched it at least 4 times over!

Jane and Dani met with Sor Dinora to discuss programs/needs and give donations of clothes, medicines, games, etc. for the girls in the orphanage. Some of the group took a tour of Santa Rosa de Copan (David continued painting!!).

The evening was just as busy as the day…we took the Sors from both houses out for dinner. We typically make them dinner and serve them but this takes almost 2 days to complete (shopping and cooking), we choose to spend our time with the Ancianos and Ninas instead! It’s always more fun to play than cook! It was quite a treat for the Sors to go out for dinner and order anything they wanted off the menu. We all enjoyed the company. Dani, David and I walked/ran the ½ + mile back to the little house as we were hosting the orphanage graduates for an evening mini reunion. We were surprised how many girls came, this was not obligatory, just an opportunity to catch up on their lives and see how they’re doing. As they introduced themselves we learned that some of them had been in the orphanage since they were infants (they are now all in their 20’s).

The day was as full as all the others and as we have every night we collapsed exhausted, happy and very thankful to have this opportunity to serve. We are truly blessed!!

Please keep us in your prayers along with the people we serve in Honduras.




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