Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 15, 2013

Day 5 – Friday

Day 5 –

Sorry, we are having internet issues and I’m unable to upload pictures from Day 4. I hope to post them soon!

We began today as we do every day, with scripture and prayer.  After walking the girls to school we came back to the elderly home for breakfast with the nuns.  Little did we know what an amazing day it would turn out to be…


Justin climbing high up in the tree to get the team some fruit!

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA) picked us up for our day with our sponsored children. Barb and Greg enjoyed seeing their goddaughter Fanny and Lynn and Dani spent time with their goddaughter Digna Marleny. It was a wonderful day with hiking, swimming and sharing.


Dave sharing photos with his new friends!

Dave sharing photos with his new friends!

After lunch we went out to an aldea to see a garden project the women in the village began with CFCA’s help. It was wonderful to see these women enjoy the fruits (or in this case, vegetables!) of their labor. CFCA does a wonderful job of not just giving handouts but teaching people how to begin their own projects to better their lives with dignity.

CFCA women's garden project

CFCA women’s garden project

Barbara Kirby met an adorable little girl and made the decision to begin sponsoring her. It was an amazing moment to witness, them meeting for the first time and knowing what an impact the sponsorship will have on both of their lives.

Barbara with her new sponsored child.

Barbara with her new sponsored child.

We all have been touched by the songs of worship and prayer, the beautiful faithfulness of these people. They have so little materially but are so happy because they have God in their lives. As Justin shared with us during prayer and reflection, God is in every smile, and with the people we are meeting here, God is very evident.

The evening was spent with the older girls from the orphanage, we took 29 of them out for pizza! It was a fun night spending special time with them.

Our exhausted group met at the end of the day for prayer and reflection. We enjoy sharing our “God-Moments” and thoughts on how we are impacted by those we have been called to serve.

Continue to pray for the poor, lonely and hungry here in Honduras and throughout the world. God’s grace is AMAZING!!




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