Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 14, 2013

Day 4 – Thursday



Day 4

Today was the Feast Day of San Antonio! If you happened to be in Honduras, you would have been made aware of the fact by the radio broadcast from a traveling broadcasting van going up and down the streets proclaiming it. It was beautiful to see the entire town was preparing for the Feast Day, even though this began at 4:00am!

Our team gathered for prayer and scripture before breakfast, we knew we were going to have another full and wonderful day.

We headed to the orphanage to help the girls prepare for the guests and townspeople who would be celebrating the Feast with us.  Most exciting of all was the anticipation of the 16 girls preparing for baptism and First Holy Communion.  The Mass was very touching, and although it was entirely in Spanish we were all very moved by the reverence shown by the girls, nuns and community. As is tradition with the Hogar de Ninas, decorated bags of bread were distributed to all in attendance. This bread is typically made by the girls in the orphanage.

After Mass all were treated to a lovely dinner of homemade tamales and cakes baked by the town’s people.

The Fiesta included a mariachi band, fireworks, dancing and much celebration. We were all honored to be a part of this day.

Our group then traveled to the statue of the Virgin Mary and prayed the rosary. We were joined by a couple of the girls from the orphanage who treated us with a beautiful song to Mary.

We proceeded to the public hospital for a sobering and very humbling tour. We brought blankets and get well cards made by our parish school children to distribute. Our gifts were very appreciated, we wished we had brought 500! The blankets went to parents who were consumed with worry for their children, they sleep under their child’s bed at the hospital. They also went to families sleeping out in the hospital courtyard on the hard ground. Many people travel hours to get to the hospital and while their loved one is being treated, they try to make the best of their very meager resources. While we were only there a short time, it touched our hearts tremendously to see the joy and appreciation our time and gifts brought. These people who are so poor and who suffer so horribly managed to smile at us and thank us for our time. Our hearts were very heavy as we departed, wanting to do more and knowing it would never be enough. We promised to pray for them so I’m asking you now, to stop, close your eyes and say a prayer for the sick and suffering in Honduras and throughout the world.





  1. What a beautiful and humbling experience! Our parish is so blessed to be able to serve our Honduran friends. Praying for all of you (and them)! I love, love, love those girls. Please give them a big hug from me.

  2. So grateful to get into the rhythm of your daily notices. What a meaningful experience you are all having. While you are doing such good, you –and the rest of us through your daily notices — are getting so much back. It’s truly amazing how those who have so little materially have so much goodness and joy to share. Such an important reminder for the rest of us. Thank you.

    P.S. Tell Dave we’re excited to know more about the Sister with KC ties.

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