Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 12, 2013

Day 2 – Tuesday

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Our day began with time zone confusion…note to self, check your watch,  laptop AND your phone for correct time! 😉

We gathered for prayer which Justin led, he shared scripture from Matthew adding insight to our being salt of the earth and

to let our light shine for others to see to glorify our God.

After a breakfast of beans, bread, cheese and papaya most of the group toured the elderly home and grounds. Justin had his first experience with a

machete cutting sugar cane, he did require band-aids but says it wasn’t from the machete!  Activities with the elderly (Jenga, painting, etc) rounded out

our morning. We brought wood picture fames for them to decorate and individual photos of all with volunteers from previous Mission trips. They enjoyed looking

at the pictures and creating their frames. Each one proudly took us to their bedside to place their picture on their nightstand.  This project is not complete and

we are looking forward to working with some more seniors on their frames tomorrow.

The afternoon and evening were spent at the orphanage.  Most of the group went on a tour of the facility noting improvements that have been made and

how the St. Michael space is being utilized by the girls as well as some of the community.  A Novena and Mass followed the tour and everyone in the group was

truly moved by the passion of the girl’s voices lifted in prayerful song. Their unwavering faith in spite of their difficult circumstances is both inspiring and unforgettable.

We are humbled to be a part of their lives, their faith and their journey.

The energy level of the girls in the orphanage continues to amaze us, we played basketball, volleyball, tag games and sidewalk chalk. They do all these activities without a net

for volleyball, a marked court for basketball or any other amenities we take for granted in our “normal” lives. They play with such joy in sharing and display hearts of

simplicity, we all vow to bring this simplicity and good nature to our own homes, families and friends.

We finished the day with the Honduras-Jamaica World Cup Qualifier.  The girls gathered around a very small TV in their dining area and cheered their beloved team to

victory.  The excitement was palpable with every passing minute of the game and scores were met with boisterous cheers. I found it amazing that so many girls could sit in

fairly uncomfortable chairs without fighting to see who could get the better seat or view, especially considering the size of the television.

During prayer and reflection tonight we agreed that although it is our responsibility to serve the less fortunate, we find that we are receiving much more than we could

ever give, the presence of Christ is strongly felt in each of us. We will continue to let our light shine to glorify God!!



  1. I hope you are all having a wonderful visit! Please give everyone a big hug from me! I miss you all!

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