Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 11, 2013

Day 1 – Monday

The team arrived safely (along with all of the luggage) to a warm welcome by Sor Maria Elena (a sister serving in the orphanage) and Joe Self (a lay missionary).  We traveled three hours to Santa Rosa de Copán and Sor Teresa and Sor Marta welcomed us with tea, a sweetened cornbread and many smiles and hugs. That was just the beginning – imagine that same welcome with boundless energy times 48! After we had settled, we headed to the Hogar de Niñas to be completely enveloped by the hugs, smiles, and warmth of the girls. It was especially heartwarming for several of our new volunteers to experience,  they used words like “generous spirit”, “unconditional love”, “sustainable energy” to describe the welcome. We joined Sor Lilian and Sor Amelia for a lovely dinner of tortillas, refried beans, vegetables and rice,  and they shared their family stories. Our goal this week will be to learn the stories of the nuns, elderly and girls and to look for small ways we can make a difference in their lives. Please pray for Sor Teresa and Sor Dinora – the leaders of each of the homes, for good health, clear guidance to serve the elderly and girls and strength to continue Christ’s work serving those most in need here in Honduras.



  1. It sounds like a great start! I can’t wait to hear the stories about the nuns! Keep up the good work and make God be with all of you.
    Give all of the girls elderly and nuns hugs from me.

  2. If they need a few extra hugs – I am sending your way – give Sor Teresa a double one for me. Tell Sor Marta Goot Morning:). Glad you all made it safe.

  3. Tell everyone hello! We are praying for you! Lauren Doerfler and Sherry Barthol

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