Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 26, 2013

Day 7 – Friday

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St. Michael’s Carnival was this morning!  We invited all the girls over to the elderly home to play games, be entertained by a clown (Mike), make balloon animals or hats, participate in a parade and interact with the elderly.  Everyone enjoyed the games and winning prizes.  A highlight was when the girls started winning squirt rings.  They now had a way to defend themselves against Clown Mike’s squirting flower!  Many girls were very wet within minutes!

After the girls went back to the orphanage, we served pizza to the elderly. They loved it!  It was a special treat for them.  They probably haven’t had this active of a day in a long time!

In the afternoon, Karla, Sherry, and Lauren led the Book Club.  The girls in the book club read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and had a lively conversation about it!  The discussed characters, events and there feelings about the book.  They also gave us some suggestions for future books!  It was another successful Book Club Meeting!

Most of the team went into town to shop and get acquainted with Santa Rosa de Copan.  Jill, Jodie, Magda, and Sor Dinora met them at the coffee shop owned by the professional that spoke at the career fair after their meeting.  We were able to purchase souvenirs and enjoy a little local culture.

The nun’s in the orphanage served us a traditional Honduran dinner of Baliada’s, Toastedos, and Tamale’s.  It was wonderful and everyone was happy to share the meal, as a team, with the nuns!  Then it was off to the closing night activities.  The girls had a presentation of many songs, dances and gave each traveler a special home-made gift.  Then our team presented a small play that was written by Lauren.  St. Michael’s spanish teacher, Ms. Barra provided simple songs for us to sing.  Thank you Lauren and Ms. Barra!  In the play we were children in a spanish class.  The girls loved that we did our hair and acted like children!

As usual there were many tears of sadness saying goodbye to these girls we have come to think of as our own.  We become attached to them all and want the best for them.  We will miss them and hope to see them again as soon as possible.  Everyone here in Honduras will be thought of, prayed for back home in Kansas.

Tomorrow will be an early start with travel all day.  The team will leave Santa Rosa at 7:30 am and reach Kansas late at night. We had a wonderful journey full of memories and thank all of you at home for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  We look forward to telling you more about the trip!



  1. There were many challenges to get these postings. Thanks Jill while Honduras and Jane here in Leawood for making it happen and give everyone a glimpse of our days in Honduras. For us who were there this helps keep the memories and relive each day. Great job.

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