Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 26, 2013

Day 6 – Thursday

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Our day began as we met for our morning bible reading and group prayer.  Then we were off in different directions again.  Sand art cups and flower arranging were the activities of the day with the elderly.  Every resident was given a small vase of flowers for their night stand.  They were happy to receive this gift.

Those of us who sponsor children through CFCA (Jodie, Karla, Mike, Magda, Amber and Jill) were able to meet them for lunch and a special outing to the hot springs.  CFCA picked us up in a school bus.  Some sponsor children were already there and others we picked up along the way.  We traveled to the town of Gracias for our events.  The children were very happy to see the sponsors and vice versa!  All the children loved the hot springs.  Many parents dipped their feet in as well!  It has been very chilly and rainy, so the warm water was welcomed!  It is very rare for these children to eat at a restaurant, so they were very happy to have choices and made sure to take home any left-overs, probably to share with the rest of their families.  As an extra special treat we got the kids ice cream.  One boy, Francis Daniel, had never had ice cream. He will be 11 in two weeks.  He took it out of the package, had a small bite, then put it back.  We had to explain that it would melt, so he had to eat it all quickly.  After eating about half, he gave his mom the rest.  He liked it but wanted to share with her.

Today we laid to rest Delores, “Lolita”, a resident of the elderly home.  Dani, Sherry, Lauren, Gail, and Dana escorted her to the cemetery where she was buried high on the side of a steep hill in what we would refer to as a Potter’s field.  It was raining, making the hill muddy and slick and difficult to ascend.  Still, we felt privileged to be the family Lolita didn’t have to help celebrate her leaving this earthly home.

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We happily hosted a dinner for all the nuns from both homes tonight.  We made two kinds of pasta, garlic bread, and cup cakes.   Each nun entered on the arm of one of the men and were cheered on as a show of appreciation for their dedication, hard work, and hospitality.  We gave each nun the gift of a journal and soap blessed and made with holy water by Benedictine monks.  We talked, laughed, danced, expressed appreciation and ended the evening with a toast to Father Bill!  We thank God for this day.


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