Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 25, 2013

Day 5 – Wednesday

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We begin with another chilly and rainy day, but our spirits are high and our hearts ready!  There were many projects to do today before the quinceañera.  The girls rotated through three activity stations:

  1. Reading their pen pal letters from the children of our parish and writing responses.
  2. Decorating memory boards and making magnets for decoration.
  3. Making photo albums with pictures from previous trips that we printed and brought to them.

Later in the day we had a “Book Fair” for the girls with donated books from St. Michaels.  Each girl got to choose a book of their very own.  Many girls found quiet spots to read throughout the day and brought their books with them everywhere they went!

Little Isabelita was allowed to go outside for the first time in days because the sun came out for a brief time and it was warmer.  She also got to choose a book and loved The Hungry Caterpiller!

Quinceañera time!  Every girl in the orphanage buzzed with excitement.  They wanted to help the celebrating girls!  We worked on hair and make up and enjoyed it as much as the girls!  The ceremony was beautiful!  Some girls had decorated the chapel with butterflies, flowers, and ribbon.  The girls were beautiful in their fancy dresses and new shoes.  After a lovely mass, there was a party with cake, coffee, singing, dancing, and a ton of fun!

A few girls were able to take a few minutes away from the party to Skype with St. Michael’s GIFT program.  It was an amazing exchange of prayer, questions and deeper understanding of each other’s culture.

The evening ended with a tour of the hospital for the new travelers.  They were shocked at the conditions that the poor in this community must endure to receive medical care.  There are no resources to help the families of those that are in the hospital, so many parents sleep under the beds of their children.  Our group of girls and travelers took cookies and hot tea to serve those who had nothing to eat.

There are no words to describe the mixed feelings of love, respect, pity, and hope.


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