Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 21, 2013

Day 2: Sunday

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Today started at 6:45 with a group devotion and organization.  Then we were off and running!  We concluded with our group prayer, reflection and review of Monday’s schedule at about 10:00!  Our team is tired, but full of new experiences and love!

There are many highlights as well as a few things that sadden our hearts today.  One amazing experience was having a private mass with the girls in the orphanage chapel.  Sor (Sister) Dinora was able to get a retired bishop, Monsignor Santos to preside.  Dana was especially impressed with the singing.  Seeing how all the girls sing as loud and beautifully as can be imagined is breathtaking!

Another singing event was a presentation by the visiting English teacher, Margaret.  She spent two weeks teaching English and they sang for us in English!  They were nervous, but sang well and we were so proud of them! Amber was impressed with how much they learned in so little time.  As we finished our tour of the orphanage, Karla was tested time and again as our translator.  Switching from Spanish to English and back again all day can be difficult!  Gail was a little shocked by the tour of the orphanage.  We learned that there are a few areas that are shared by both the hospital and orphanage and can be less than 100% safe conditions.  Jodie took good notes on the tour to help us plan for the future trips.

We spent some time with the Elderly in the morning.  Doing crafts, like painting and listening to music helps keep their minds active!  We enjoyed seeing them use their creativity!  We have become attached to them and watching the circle of life can be difficult.  Mike and Magda commented that it was sad to see them become weaker and have more difficulty with every day tasks.  However, hearing funny stories about them continue to make us smile.  At lunch today Jill enjoyed Sister (Sor) Leanor’s story of Fernando, a social butterfly in the group, and how he professed his love for her and said he would like to marry her!  Of course she replied that she is married to God and loves him and Jesus above all.  Fernando said he wanted to meet this Jesus guy and have a talk with him!  Still spunky!

The newest girl in the orphanage, Isabelita, who is 3 1/2 years old is very ill.  When we arrived, she was in the hospital, but was back yesterday.  She spent the day in bed in the Chica’s room.  Lauren was able to give the nuns some medical advice, which they have very little of.  Sherry started the conversation and every mom agreed it was heartbreaking to see her without a mom to bring her a sip of sprite or give her an extra hug.  She does have many new “sisters” that were in and out as well as the nuns and all of us checking on her…but nothing compares to a mother’s love.  Please pray that little Isabelita regains strength, get’s the hydration and nutrition she needs and her fever breaks!

The clothing “store” was a great success yet again.  The girls were assigned into groups of 6 or 7 to shop.  They chose a pair of jeans and a top, tried them on, got each others opinions, and retried until they found that one perfect outfit they could not live without!   We were impressed with how much they looked after each other, the sisterly love they gave freely, and the unity within their groups!

We ended the evening by walking to the apartment, where the recently graduated girls live, for dinner!  We enjoyed take out Chinese food and catching up with Digna, Doris Marleny, Berty, Dilcia, Arely, Francisca and Maria (the house mom).  They are all adjusting well to living outside the orphanage.  They have had some bumps in the road (pardon the Honduran road reference) but seem to be finding their way with a new home, jobs, school, friends, etc.  Dani became very attached to these girls when she lived here and had a sigh of relief to see how well they are doing.



  1. Thanks for the updates, I feel your pain and joys! Prayers for little Isbelita and you all!!

  2. Glad to hear Fernando has not change a bit! Tell the girls hello and I miss them all! Hope Isabelita gets to feeling better. Thanks for the update!

  3. You are all in our prayers! What an amazing experience of Christ’s love you are sharing with us. Thank you!

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