Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | January 20, 2013

Day 1- Saturday

The travel team started our journey to Honduras very early!  We met at the airport at 5:00am for a 6:00am flight!  Mike had most of our bags of donations and supplies in his truck, so we helped unload and began the check in process.  A few of our travelers, Mike, Magda, and Karla upgraded their tickets.  This was very helpful to our team because it let them have 3 checked bags at 70 pounds each instead of two at 50 pounds.  Our small airplane had many bags- thanks to our 22 bags of St. Michael’s donations!  Due to excess bags, they took a long time loading.  Our flight left over 30 minutes late!  Thankfully all the bags made it to Houston!  Many of our cary on bags got checked at the gate, so we had to quickly find them and run through the airport to make our connection!  Thankfully, Dani went ahead and had them hold the plane for us!  The St. Michael travelers were the last to get on the plane to Honduras, but we all made it!


After an (oh so brief) stop in Houston TX, we were off to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Weeks ago Jodie gave us a copy of a customs form to help us fill out the document correctly, however, the forms changed, so we all figured it out as we went.  That might become a theme!  Put it in God’s hands…and figure it out as we go!

Once there we ate lunch at the airport Wendy’s then head through the mountains to Santa Rosa de Copan!  Sherry had the “honor” of sitting in the front of the van, which means she sees every swerve and bumper to bumper pass!  Her eyes were quite large with fear!  It only took Dana about two minutes in the van to reach for her seatbelt!  We took a brief stop to get a cup of coffee and use the restrooms then went back on the wet roads.  It is raining and chilly here.

Once in Santa Rosa we dropped our bags at the guest house and freshen up before we headed to the orphanage to greet the girls!  And greet them we did!  The past travelers had girls we remembered coming up to us with open arms, hearts and smiles. It took some girls a few minutes to recognize Amber with her new short haircut!  Jill was happy that Neydi commented that she still had a picture they had taken together 5 years ago!

The new travelers were also greeted with hugs and love.  Lauren made friends with the other red head – Sandra, who shares a spunky personality!  Many introductions were made and all the new travelers enjoyed walking around arm and arm with their new friends.  Gail commented that she wasn’t expecting so much love from the girls.  We met back in the guest house for a quick wrap up and bible verse.  We start again on Sunday with open hearts and listening ears for God’s will.




  1. Glad you arrived safely and were greeted warmly! Enjoy!

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