Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 15, 2012

Day Seven June 13,2012

We began our last full day as we did all others, with prayer and reflection. I was thinking last night as I was falling asleep that there are many different types of missions. There are missions with physical labor such as building houses or latrines, planting seeds, etc. and there are missions with emotional gifts. Our mission here in Honduras has at times been physical labor but always the pure gift of our presence.  The people we serve in Honduras are lacking many necessities, but most of all, they are lacking human bonding. It is so easy to give the gift of our presence, friendship and love, that’s all they ask for.

Our prayer was from Matthew chapter 25, telling us that whatever we do for the least of our brothers, we do unto God. Our reflection was to notice how many times we would see the face of God in the people we serve, I personally saw God all day!

We gave the nuns the rosaries made by people in our Parish on Tuesday night at our dinner, they all loved them and were very impressed at their beauty. We gave the elderly and the girls their rosaries today, they LOVED them! Most of the girls wore theirs the rest of the day. They asked us to pass along their thanks and love for this very special gift. They put on a show for us with singing, dancing and acting, it was precious!

We took some of the girls to the park, (only 19 of them) and then out for ice cream. This is such a special treat for them and they get it very rarely. We took back ice cream cups for the rest of the girls and spent the rest of the afternoon playing and preparing for the Mass for the Feast of San Antonio.

The Mass was to begin at 5:00pm, with the Bishop celebrating. He arrived around 5:30-5:45 and we began Mass shortly after…again, true Honduran time! The Mass was lengthy and a few of the chicas couldn’t manage to stay awake 😉  The Mass was also offered for Sor Elisa. It is tradition to display a black ribbon over the doorway when someone has died. The girls decorated all the flower vases with a black ribbon in honor of Sor.

After Mass the bread prepared by the girls was distributed to all those who attended. A dinner of Sor Marta’s tamales was served to all and the marimba band began, as did the dancing. It was very festive and there was a lot of laughter. It was a wonderful way to end our time here.

Our goodbyes were difficult as always, the bond of love is so strong with the Sors, the elderly and the girls. Although we leave, we take them with us in our hearts.

Until next year…


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