Posted by: Honduras Mission Team | June 13, 2012

Dias seis 12 de junio 2012

Our day began earlier than usual this morning because we were going to the Copan Ruins. Our goal was to leave by 6:30 but in true Honduran time by the time we had breakfast and visited with Sor Theresa it was after 7:00. 😉

We had a fantastic tour guide at the ruins who had been working there since 1982 (yes Dani, Kate and David, I finally got it right!) and had many interesting facts to share.

While we were in Copan we bought coffee to bring back to the States and Dani bought her bus ticket to Guatemala, so it was a multi-purpose trip! On our way home we had the typical “cattle in the road so you have to wait” moments, it’s a very Honduran thing!

When we returned from Copan we went to the orphanage to spend time with the girls and help them prepare for the big feast of San Antonio on Wednesday. They are so hard working and creative that it is a joy to witness and be a part of. We also attended a prayer session with some of the girls, there were many songs and prayers.


Sor Marta from the orphanage spent the day making 450 tamales from scratch, beginning with the dough! These will be shared with all the guests who come to the church on Wednesday for the Feast of San Antonio. The girls have also been making bread which is a traditional gift to all who come to the church.  Although they have so little, they are happy to share, we are all witnessing God’s hand at work!


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